Best answer: How do you connect railings in Revit?

Move the cursor along the path of the railing. A box displays around the join as you move your cursor over it on the path. Click to select the join. When the join is selected, an X displays on the join.

How do I join two railings together?

You could also use a rail bolt to join the two pieces by inserting it in a T-slot under one side of the rail, or by drilling two perpendicular holes, and filling the exposed hole with a plug if it would be too visible to have an exposed T-slot. Rail bolts are simple, strong, and can be tightened as needed.

How do you add a railing to stairs in Revit?

When creating a stair, you can specify the railing type to be added automatically.

  1. Click Architecture tab Circulation panel (Stair).
  2. Click Modify | Create Stair tab Tools panel (Railing).
  3. In the Railings dialog, select a rail type. …
  4. Under Position, select to place the railing on the Treads or Stringer.
  5. Click OK.

What is a stair spindle?

Spindles (also known as balusters) are the vertical posts that connect the base rail and handrail on a staircase. They form part of the balustrade, the collective name for the base rail, handrail, newel posts and spindles.

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