Best answer: How do you detach in Revit?

How do I detach a cloud model in Revit?

To relinquish the ownership of Revit model elements, click (Actions) and click Relinquish. Select the user for whom you want to relinquish elements and click Relinquish.

How do you turn off a workset in Revit?

In the Manage tab, select Manage Links, click on the correct Revit link and then click on Manage Worksets. You can then close every worksets you don’t want to see.

What does detach from central mean in Revit?

Detach from central = opens the central model as a (temporarily undefined file) “copy” – the two options when doing this (discard or retain worksets) is the key. The former will remove all worksets from the “copy” and enable the user to save the model as a pure-standalone file, elsewhere.

How do I unlock a Revit file?

Lock or Unlock a Form Profile

  1. Select a locked form.
  2. Click Modify | Form Element tab Modify Form panel (Unlock Profiles).

Why is detach from central greyed out?

Causes: Revit cloud worksharing is different from the standard worksharing mode: When trying to open the model, it does not open the central model directly. The “Create New Local ” and “Detach from Central” options do not apply for this mode.

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How do I archive a Revit model?

Don’t open the Revit file that you want archived. Instead open Revit and go to the Add-Ins tab and click on Transmit a model. Find the location of the Revit file you want by clicking Browse Model. Choose an archive location where you want to store the file along with associated files by selecting Browse folders.

How do I archive a BIM 360 Revit Model?

To archive a project, select the project on the Project tab > Archive > Archive. To restore a project, select the project on the Project tab > Restore.

What is worksets in Revit?

A workset is a collection of elements in a workshared project. You can create worksets based on functional areas, such as the following: For architecture and structural engineering: interior, exterior, and site. For systems: HVAC, electrical, or plumbing.

Does Revit LT have Worksets?

Worksets: When working in the model, the Revit LT user can modify any element in any workset. Aside from editing elements in any workset, the Revit LT user cannot modify worksets in the project. For example, the Revit LT user cannot move elements between worksets, or add or delete worksets.

What is worksheet in Revit?

A construction document set (also called a drawing set or a sheet set) consists of several sheets. Topics in this section. About Sheets. In Revit, you create a sheet view for each sheet in the construction document set. You can then place multiple drawings or schedules on each sheet view.

How do I save a Revit model as central?

Create a Central Model from an Existing Workshared Model

  1. Open the existing workshared file.
  2. Click File tab Save As (Project).
  3. In the Save As dialog, rename the file, and click Options.
  4. In the File Save Options dialog, select Make this a Central Model after save.
  5. Select a default workset for local copies.
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What is central file in Revit?

The central model stores the current ownership information for all worksets and elements in the project, and acts as the distribution point for all changes made to the model.

How do I change a central file in Revit?

Click File > Open > Project in Revit. Navigate to the existing location (or to the new location, if the model has been moved elsewhere). Select the central file and uncheck “Create New Local”. This will allow you to open the central model directly.