Frequent question: How do you turn off sketch in Solidworks?

Right-click the sketch in the graphics area or in the FeatureManager design tree and select Hide.

How do you hide drawing view in Solidworks?

To hide or show views:

  1. Right-click the view on the sheet or in the FeatureManager design tree, and select Hide. If the view has dependent views (Detail, Section, and so on), you are asked if you want to hide the dependent views as well. …
  2. To show the view again, right-click the view, and select Show.

How do you hide sketch endpoints in Solidworks?

Click one of the following:

  1. Hide/Show Items > View Points.
  2. View Points (View toolbar)
  3. View > Hide/Show > Points.

How do you hide in SolidWorks?

To show or hide a component from the shortcut menu: Right-click a component in the drawing view or in the FeatureManager design tree and select Show/Hide > Hide Component.

How do you hide bodies in SolidWorks drawings?

To hide a body: In the drawing view, right-click the body and click Show/Hide > Hide Body.

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How do you hide sketch dimensions in Solidworks?

Easy Way to Hide/Show SOLIDWORKS Dimensions at Part Level

  1. In your FeatureManager Tree, right-click on the Annotations folder and select Show Feature Dimensions. …
  2. To keep only a certain number of dimensions, those that aren’t needed can be hidden by right-clicking on the dimension in the design space and selecting Hide.

How do you show all sketch dimensions in Solidworks?

To re-display the dimensions, right-click the feature or one of its faces, and select Show All Dimensions. To show dimension names, click View > Hide/Show > Dimension Names or Hide/Show Items > View Dimension Names (Heads-up View toolbar).

How do you hide a dimension in Solidworks?

To hide an individual dimension, right-click it, and select Hide. To hide all the dimensions of a selected feature, right-click the feature in the FeatureManager design tree, or right-click one of its faces, and select Hide All Dimensions.

How do you stop a thread in Solidworks?

To suppress a feature:

  1. Select the feature in the FeatureManager design tree, or select a face of the feature in the graphics area. To select multiple features, hold down Ctrl as you select.
  2. Do one of the following: Click Suppress on the Features toolbar.

How do you hide the camera in Solidworks?

Displaying or Hiding CommandManager Tabs

  1. Right-click on any CommandManager tab.
  2. Select tabs you want to display; clear tabs you want to hide.

How do you unhide a solidworks body?

Right-click the multibody part and select Show Hidden Bodies. All bodies that were hidden are now shown, and all bodies that were visible are now hidden. In the dialog box, click Exit Show Hidden.

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How do you hide half part in Solidworks?

Click View > Hide/Show Bodies. In the PropertyManager, under Hidden Bodies, select bodies in the graphics area for Surface/Solid Bodies . When you select a body, it becomes translucent in the graphics area. Click .

Why is my solidworks part invisible?

If the model is a part file then the most common reason that the body has been hidden by mistake, which can happen if you happen to click on hide in connection with selecting a feature.