How do I change the properties of a part in Solidworks?

How do I change the drawing properties?

Viewing and Editing Drawing File Properties

  1. Click File > Properties (or type DrawingProperties).
  2. In the dialog box, on the Summary tab, view the properties and type or edit values as needed.
  3. Editable fields include author, keywords, comments, title, and subject.

How do you change property name in Solidworks?

Press Tab to move to the Configuration column. If the custom property that you add or modify affects configurations within the SOLIDWORKS document, enter the configuration name. Otherwise, leave blank.

Specifying Custom Properties.

Type Value
Yes or no Enter yes or no (not case sensitive).

How do I view part properties in Solidworks?

You can view the calculated mass properties.

To display mass properties:

  1. Select items (components or solid bodies) to be evaluated. …
  2. Click Mass Properties (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Evaluate > Mass Properties.

How do I change a summary in Solidworks?

Click File > Properties. In the dialog box, on the Summary tab, type the appropriate information in the boxes provided for: Author, Keywords, Comments, Title, and Subject.

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How do I add a description to a part in Solidworks?

To change a feature description in a part or assembly document:

  1. Right-click the feature in the FeatureManager design tree and select Feature Properties.
  2. In the dialog box, edit the text in Description, then click OK.

How do I edit and save properties in Autocad?

To Save Drawing Properties to the Project File

  1. Click Schematic tab Other Tools panel Drawing Properties drop-down Settings Compare. …
  2. Highlight the settings you want to copy over from the drawing to the project or vice versa or click Select All to change all the settings quickly.

How do I add a custom property in Solidworks?

To add custom properties:

  1. Click in the first blank cell under Property Name, then type a name or choose one from the list.
  2. Select a Type from the list. …
  3. Under Value / Text Expression, enter a value for the custom property that is compatible with the selection in the Type cell. …
  4. Press Tab or Enter.

How do you use property managers in Solidworks?

The PropertyManager appears on the PropertyManager tab in the panel to the left of the graphics area. It opens when you select entities or commands defined in the PropertyManager. You can choose whether it opens in other cases in Tools > Options > System Options > General .

How do I link properties to a drawing in Solidworks?

To add the text boxes, click on the Note tool in the Annotations tab in the CommandManager Toolbar. To add the Custom Property to the Note, click Link To Property and change the selection from Current Document to Model Found Here.

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How do you link a property in Solidworks?

To link text to a property:

  1. Click Link to Property. …
  2. Select the place to link from: …
  3. In Property name, select a property from the list of available properties, which depends on your selection in step 2 and where you create the note.

How do you save properties in Solidworks?

(Standard toolbar) or Tools > Options. On the Document Properties tab, select options to customize your new document template, then click OK. Only options on the Document Properties tab are saved in a document template. Click File > Save As.