How do I create a macro button in SOLIDWORKS?

How do you create a button in Solidworks?

Creating Macro Buttons in SOLIDWORKS

  1. Create New Macro File.
  2. Save As: Find appropriate location and name.
  3. Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Editor.
  4. Open Customize Window.
  5. Find New Macro Button.
  6. Drag New Macro Button to Toolbar.
  7. Customize Macro Button.
  8. New Macro Button added to Toolbar.

How do I customize a macro button?

Add a macro button to the Quick Access Toolbar

  1. Click File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. In the Choose commands from list, click Macros.
  3. Select the macro you want to assign a button to.
  4. Click Add to move the macro to the list of buttons on the Quick Access Toolbar.

How do I use a macro in Solidworks?

To record a macro:

  1. Click Record/Pause Macro. (Macro toolbar) or Tools > Macro > Record.
  2. Perform the steps you want to record. …
  3. When you are done, click Stop Macro. …
  4. In the dialog box, type a name for File name and click Save.

How do I change a macro button in Solidworks?

To edit a macro button on a toolbar or CommandManager:

If on a toolbar, right-click the macro button that you want to edit. If in CommandManager, right-click the macro button that you want to edit. Select Properties. In the Customize Macro Button dialog, edit the macro button and click OK.

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How do I delete a macro button in Solidworks?

To delete a macro button:

  1. In an open SolidWorks document, click Tools > Customize.
  2. Right-click the macro button in the toolbar that you want to edit and select Delete.
  3. Click OK to close the Customize dialog.

Where are solidworks icons stored?

RE: Solidworks built-in icons

The SOLIDWORKS software provides bitmap images to use as custom buttons. These are located in install_dir/data/user macro icons.

How do I create a macro?

Record a macro with a button

  1. Click View > Macros > Record Macro.
  2. Type a name for the macro.
  3. To use this macro in any new documents you make, be sure the Store macro in box says All Documents (Normal. …
  4. To run your macro when you click a button, click Button.
  5. Click the new macro (it’s named something like Normal.

How do I link a macro to a button?

Assign a Macro to a Simple Button

  1. In the Developer Tab of the ribbon, simply click on Button (in Windows, click on Insert, and then under Form Controls, click on Button)
  2. Then click on the Worksheet to add the button.
  3. Excel will then ask you to assign it to a macro. …
  4. The button will then be in Edit mode.

How do I assign a macro to a keyboard?

To assign the macro to a keyboard shortcut:

  1. Click Keyboard.
  2. Under “Commands:”, click the macro that you are recording.
  3. Under “Press new shortcut key:”, type the key sequence that you want, and then click Assign.
  4. Click Close to begin recording the macro.

Can you code in Solidworks?

The API enables users to create custom programs (macros) that can assist them in automating many of the tasks of the graphical user interface (GUI). … This can be as simple as creating PDFs of several drawings to more complex tasks such as generating complete parts and assemblies from code.

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How do I debug a macro in Solidworks?

To edit or debug a SOLIDWORKS VBA macro:

Click Edit Macro on the Macro toolbar, or click Tools > Macro > Edit.

How do I remove a macro from a button?

To remove a Macro Button, the first thing we’re going to do is open the Customize Window (Tools > Customize). Next, simply click and drag the existing Macro from the toolbar to anywhere in the Customize Window. You will see the Macro button icon with an “X” indicating that it will be removed.