How do I cut a part in SolidWorks?

How do you cut a half part in SolidWorks?

HINT: The easiest way is to search for it in the upper right corner of the screen! Use the RULED SURFACE as the TRIM TOOL, then hit the CUT BODIES button. If you just want the result to be a multibody part with the two separate halves in it, then just turn on the check marks for the resulting two bodies and hit OK.

How do you split a solid in SolidWorks?

You can split one or more solid or surface bodies. To split a surface, the Trimming Surface must extend past the boundaries of the surface to split. Click Split (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Split.

How do you cut a 3D object in SolidWorks?

To trim a 3D sketch:

  1. Start the 3D sketch on a 2D plane.
  2. Then do either of the following: Right-click and select 3D sketch on a plane. Double-click a plane or sketch entity. You can use any of the following trim options: Power trim. Corner. Trim away inside. Trim away outside. Trim to closest.
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How do I scale a part in Solidworks?

Scaling a Part

  1. In a part document, click Scale (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Scale .
  2. Set options in the PropertyManager.
  3. Click. The geometry of the model increases or decreases in size according to the scaling factors and other options you set. The Scale feature scales only the geometry of the model.

How do I isolate a part in Solidworks?

To isolate components: Select the components you want to isolate in the graphics area or the FeatureManager design tree. Click View > Display > Isolate or right-click and select Isolate. To isolate components that share a mate, right-click the mate in the FeatureManager design tree and click Isolate.

How do you cut in SolidWorks?

Click Cut With Surface on the Features toolbar, or click Insert > Cut > With Surface. In the PropertyManager, under Surface Cut Parameters, select the surface or plane to use to cut the solid bodies. Examine the preview. If necessary, click Flip cut to reverse the direction of the cut.

How do I make part of a part into SolidWorks?

To insert a part:

  1. With a part document open, click Insert Part (Features toolbar) or Insert > Part.
  2. Browse to a part document and click Open. …
  3. Under Transfer, select any combination of items from the inserted part to be included in the derived part.

How do you cut intersecting parts in SolidWorks?

To intersect or merge bodies:

  1. With the part open, click Insert > Features > Intersect .
  2. For Solids, Surfaces, or Planes, select the bodies to intersect or merge.
  3. Select Cap planar openings on surfaces to cap flat openings in surfaces.
  4. Click Intersect. …
  5. Select regions to exclude. …
  6. Select options as required: …
  7. Click .
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How do you cut edges in SolidWorks?

To create a corner-trim:

  1. Create a sheet metal part.
  2. Click Corner-Trim. (Sheet Metal toolbar) or click Insert > Sheet Metal > Corner Trim.
  3. In the Corner-Trim PropertyManager, set the following under Relief Options: Select edges for Corner edges . Click Collect all corners. Select a value for Relief Type. …
  4. Click .

Can you scale a Solidworks assembly?

To scale an entire SOLIDWORKS assembly, it is possible to scale each part independently, however this could be extremely tedious for an assembly with a large number of components. Alternatively, you can save the assembly as a multi-body part and scale this part in a single step.

How do I scale a dimension in Solidworks drawing?

To set the scale of an existing drawing sheet, do one of the following:

  1. In the status bar click Sheet Scale and click a scale.
  2. Right-click the sheet and select Properties, then edit the values of Scale.

How do you scale a model?

Divide the real life dimension of either length or width by that of the model. So, say the real life object had a length of 55m, and the model had a length of 50 cm, or 0.5m, then do 55/0.5. This is equal to 110.