How do I download a Solidworks API?

How do I get Solidworks API?

To access the API help, click > API Help. There are tips, code fragments, and examples of API functions on the SOLIDWORKS Web page: Search ‘SOLIDWORKS API’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

What is solidworks Document Manager?

The SOLIDWORKS Document Manager API: Allows you to write applications that emulate file management tools to perform such tasks as renaming, replacing, and copying SOLIDWORKS documents. Is an independent software component that provides read-write functionality for SOLIDWORKS documents.

How do I open API in Solidworks?

To access the API help, click Help > API Help. Search ‘SOLIDWORKS API’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

What language is Solidworks API?

The programming languages most commonly used are: Visual Basic . NET (VB.NET) Visual C++/CLI.

What is API tools in SOLIDWORKS?

SOLIDWORKS provides an automation tool called SOLIDWORKS Macro/API (Application Programming Interface), that allows the user to automate the designing tasks and eliminate the conventional and repetitive process of designing for different sizes and conditions.


The SOLIDWORKS API SDK contains all of the functionality you need to develop SOLIDWORKS API applications.

What is API data?

API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface that software uses to access data, server software or other applications and have been around for quite some time. … APIs uses defined protocols to enable developers to build, connect and integrate applications quickly and at scale.

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Can you program in SOLIDWORKS?

Tools for Programming the SOLIDWORKS API With Visual Basic Bitwright Software publishes programmers’ tools for Visual Basic. With Bitwrights’ tools, Visual Basic program can use features of SOLIDWORKS otherwise accessible only to C++. … User picks on the custom toolbar show up as events inside the Visual Basic program.

What language are SOLIDWORKS macros written in?

Macros are most commonly used within the SOLIDWORKS interface which means that an instance of SOLIDWORKS must be running for this code to be run. Macros are most commonly coded in VBA (Visual Basic for Application), similar to the syntax used for An example would be if you had a drawing file (.

Is SOLIDWORKS a programming language?

You can use any programming language that supports COM to create SOLIDWORKS standalone API (.exe files) and add-in (. The programming languages most commonly used are: … Visual Basic .