How do I resize a title block in Catia v5?

How do you edit the title block in Catia?

Enter Background mode by selecting Edit >> Sheet Background (or see picture above). In background mode, select the Frame and Title Block Command. This command will open the “Manage frame and title block” dialog. From this dialog, use the drop down menu to select title block that works best and select Ok.

How do I change the size of a sheet in Catia v5?

Changing the standard, sheet style and orientation of a sheet

  1. Select File > Page Setup from the menu bar. …
  2. Select the select the ANSI standard. …
  3. Click OK to continue. …
  4. Optionally choose another sheet style if you wish. …
  5. Optionally change the default orientation from Landscape to Portrait .

What are the dimensions of a title block?

Though there are various dimensions for the title box, for Engineering students it is advisable to use a title box of size 170 mm x 65 mm. The title box is divided in to two zones: (a) part identification zone and (b) additional information zone.

How do I create a template in Catia v5?

From the Insert menu, select Knowledge Templates > Document Template … (in the Part Design workbench) or, if in the Product Knowledge Template workbench, click the Create a Document Template icon ( ).

Create the Second Template

  1. Curve. …
  2. Sharp_Sketch. …
  3. Arrow_down_Sketch. …
  4. Ok_Sketch.
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How do you create a frame and title block in Catia?

Creating a Frame and a Title Block

  1. Select Edit > Sheet Background from the menu bar.
  2. Click Frame and Title Block in the Drawing toolbar. …
  3. Choose a macro from the Style of title block drop-down list. …
  4. Select the action you want to perform in the Action list. …
  5. Click OK in the Manage Frame and Title Block dialog box.

How do I draft part of Catia?

This task shows you how to create a basic draft by selecting the neutral element. Open the Draft2. CATPart document. Click Draft Angle .

Clicking this icon enables you to edit the element.

  1. The default angle value is 5. …
  2. click Preview to see the draft to be created. …
  3. Click More to access additional options.

How do you scale a title block?

To resize a title block and border

From the menu, select File> Print> Drawing Sheet Setup . Specify the desired Drawing Sheet Orientation and Size. In this example, the size was changed to ANSI B (11″ x 17″). Make sure Show Drawing Sheet in View is checked.

What is the height of the title block?

The title block is a looking-like table of width over 100mm and of height included between 40mm and 300mm.

What are the parts of Title Block?


  • A drawing number to identify the print for filing purposes and to prevent confusing it with any other print.
  • The name of the part or assembly.
  • The scale to which it is drawn.
  • The date.
  • The name of the firm.
  • The name of the draftsmen, the checker, and the person approving the drawing.
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