How do I save BIMx in ArchiCAD?

In Archicad, open the model in the 3D window (perspective or axonometric view). Launch the File > Export for BIMx command. The Export for BIMx status window opens. Click Export.

How do I upload a BIMx model?

Let’s see the steps of the upload:

  1. visit BIMx Model Transfer.
  2. sign in with your Graphisoft ID (learn more about Graphisoft ID here)
  3. navigate to the target folder (you can create a new folder using the +Add new folder button)
  4. hit the button Upload BIMx Hyper-model.
  5. select the file you want to upload.

What is BIMx file?

BIMX is a file extension commonly associated with ArchiCAD BIMx 3D Scene files. ArchiCAD BIMx 3D Scene specification was created by Graphisoft. Files with BIMX extension may be used by programs distributed for Android, iOS, Windows platform.

How do I save as BIMx?

Save BIMx Model

  1. Press the ESCAPE key to access the BIMx menus.
  2. Click the File menu.
  3. Choose Save to save the model in . bimx format. …
  4. Use the appearing Save BIMx Model dialog box to name the file and set a preview picture.

Can I open a BIMx file in Sketchup?

BimX only lets you look at the model and drawings. It does not export anything. You would have to get the Archicad file saved to the skp format for you to work with it.

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Can you import ArchiCAD into Revit?

The American Archicad supplyer, BIM6x, has released a free plugin for Archicad, which allows you to import and export files directly to Revit in RVT or RFA format.

How do I rotate in BIMx?

Pressing the F8 key allows you to rotate the model rather than moving around (through) it.

Does BIMx work with Revit?

Direct publishing to a 3D model can be done with a few other tools, but if (and only if) you are using ARCHICAD, it is the easiest to use. For Revit users, there is more choice, including Revit Live or some online model-viewers and publishers.

How do I view a BIMx file?

If you come across the BIMX file on your computer you can view it using several BIMx programs. The BIMx Desktop Viewer for Windows and macOS (OS X) comes with ArchiCAD. However, you cannot save BIMX files with this program, only view them. BIMX files can also be viewed with the BIMx apps for Android and iOS.

Can BIMx open IFC files?

IFC is the only open and standard 3D object-oriented exchange format used by BIM (Building Information Modeling). … This format is suitable for viewing (since all IFC viewers support this format), design coordination, clash prevention during design, and clash checking.

Is BIMx viewer free?

The BIMx Hyper-model Viewer is available for the most popular mobile operating systems, Android and iOS for free.

What is BIMx desktop viewer?

Graphisoft’s BIMx is an interactive, 3D model viewer app — please download to visualize or collaborate on architectural design projects on your mobile device(s). … BIMx offers professional visualization and game-like navigation to explore architectural design project – anywhere.

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How do I open a BIMx file on my iPhone?

Follow these instructions to transfer any BIMx model to your mobile device.

  1. Connect your iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) to your computer and open iTunes.
  2. Click on your device in the left column in iTunes.
  3. Choose Apps in the menu and scroll down to File Sharing.
  4. Select BIMx.
  5. Using the Add… and Save to..