How do I save CDB files in Ansys?

How do I save Ansys file to CDB?

Start Ansys Mechanical APDL, go to /POST1, and use the File command to indicate an RST results file of interest. Use the SET command to read a result of interest—this works for RST files that, by default in APDL, contain element and node data for the model. Go to /PREP7 and use CDWRITE to write a CDB mesh file.

How do I save a file in Ansys?

To do that, go to Workbench>Archive. 120 MB is the maximum file size that you can attach. If the file size exceeds 120 MB, right click on Model or Mesh, and Clear Generated Data, to delete the mesh and the solution from the project. File>Save As a new name and then File>Archive to create a much smaller .

How do you save Ansys mesh?

File Save Project

Select the Save Project option from the Write a File icon in the FLUENT toolbar. Alternatively, you can also save your Workbench project by selecting the Save option under the File menu within Workbench or by selecting the Save icon from the Workbench toolbar.

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How do I save an Ansys report?

To print the information to the ANSYS FLUENT console window, click on the Print button. To save the information to a text file, click on the Save… button and specify the filename in the resulting Select File dialog box.

What is a CDB file?

Database file created by Symbian OS mobile devices, such as Nokia phones; contains phonebook contacts, including names, addresses, and phone numbers; used to backup and synchronize contacts between a computer and a Symbian OS device. CDB files are typically found with the name contacts.

How do I save ANSYS video fluently?

To save a solution animation file (and the associated metafiles), select Animation Frames in the Write/Record Format drop-down list in the Playback dialog box, and click the Write button. ANSYS FLUENT will save a . cxa file, as well as a . hmf file for each frame of the animation sequence.

How do you save ANSYS as WBPZ?

Go to file – archive. It will save *. wbpz file which you can share with others. Then user also need to retrieve it using file – retrieve option.

What is the file extension of the file that you can use to save the ANSYS software project as archive?

When you mesh a model, or run a simulation study, Creo Ansys Simulation first creates a back up copy of your model along with the last run results. You can save all the results and simulation data along with the model to a Creo archived file with the file extension . apr. To create a .

How do I save a Mesh file?

Click Home > Mesh > Save FEM Mesh to manually save the mesh. Creo Simulate automatically assigns the default name of model. fmp(a) to the mesh file.

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How do I create an input file in Ansys?

Tutorial 1 – Create an ANSYS Input File for use with Helius PFA.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Create the Part. …
  3. Define an Element Type. …
  4. Characterize a User Material with Composite Material Manager. …
  5. Create a User Material with the Helius PFA Plug-in. …
  6. Define and Assign the Element Coordinate System. …
  7. Mesh the Part. …
  8. Define a Composite Layup.

How do I print Ansys results?

for example, you can use the APDL command, POST1 (Main Menu>General Postproc), and check PLNSOL (Main Menu>General Postproc>Plot Results>Nodal Solu) to display the results as continuous contours. Alternatively you can use PRNSOL (Main Menu>General Postproc>List Results>Nodal Solution) to print the results into a file.

How do I create a report in workbench?

Start MySQL Workbench, load the model to generate the report for, select the Model, DBDOC – Model Reporting menu item. Then select the new custom template from the list of available templates, select an output directory, and click Finish to generate the report.