How do I select a parent view in Fusion 360?

Press ESC to deselect the view. From the ribbon, select Projected View. When you are prompted to select the parent view, click the base view. Move the cursor above, and then to the left, and then to the right of the base view.

How do I move projected view in Fusion 360?

Solution: Hold the “Shift” key as the section view is placed. This will allow the view to be moved out of alignment from the parent view.

What is a base view in Fusion 360?

A base view is the first drawing view that you place on a sheet. … When you create a new drawing, Fusion 360 prompts you to place a base view. After you place a base view on a sheet, you can generate additional projected, section, and detail views from it.

How do I create a projected view in Fusion 360?

Place the Views.

  1. Drag the cursor to the right of the base view, and notice that the projected view is previewed based on this alignment.
  2. Click to the right of the existing base view to place a projected view.
  3. Click to the bottom of the existing base view to place a second projected view.
  4. Press Enter to finish the task.
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How do you move a section in Autocad?

In the Prospector item view, select the section views that you want to move. Right-click Move To Section View Group. Note: This command is also available on the context menu after you select a section view in the drawing and on the Section View ribbon.

How do you break alignment in Civil 3d?


  1. From Home ribbon click on Alignment>Create Alignment from Existing Alignment.
  2. Select alignment you would like to use as starting.
  3. Select start and end split point and hit F letter (Finish)
  4. Name your new alignment.
  5. Select original alignment and delete part you wish to remove.

Can we delete a drawing view how?

How can we delete a drawing view? Drawing views can be deleted just like any other objects. Simply pre-select the view and hit the [Delete] key.

In what ways can you create a standard 3 view?

The Standard 3 View option under Insert > Drawing View creates three related default orthographic (front, right, left, top, bottom, and back) views of a part or assembly displayed at the same time. The view orientations used are based on the orientations (Front, Right, and Top) in the part or assembly.

What is first angle projection?

In the first angle projection, the object is placed in the 1st quadrant. The object is positioned at the front of a vertical plane and top of the horizontal plane. First angle projection is widely used in India and European countries. The object is placed between the observer and projection planes.

What is 3rd angle Projection?

3rd Angle project is where the 3D object is seen to be in the 3rd quadrant. It is positioned below and behind the viewing planes, the planes are transparent, and each view is pulled onto the plane closest to it. The front plane of projection is seen to be between the observer and the object.

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What is the symbol of Third angle Projection?

The third angle symbol is shown in Figure 1. It is represented by the circular top view of the cone with the right view of the cone to the right of it. In the right-side view, the narrow end of the cone is pointed towards the top view.

How do you move view in AutoCAD?

To Move a Drawing View

  1. Move the cursor over the drawing view to move. The drawing view border appears.
  2. Click inside the drawing view border to select the drawing view. A grip appears at the center of the view.
  3. Drag the grip to move the drawing view to the desired location.

How do you select an object in AutoCAD?

Select objects by clicking them or by using a window or crossing method. To specify a rectangular selection area, click and release the mouse button, move the cursor, and click again. To create a lasso selection, click, drag, and release the mouse button.

How do you copy and move an object in AutoCAD?

To Copy Then Rotate and Move an Object (AutoCAD Mechanical…

  1. Click Home tab Modify panel Move, Copy, and Rotate drop-down Copy, Rotate then Move. …
  2. In the drawing area, select the object to copy and press ENTER.
  3. Select the point around which to rotate the object.