How do I uninstall a SOLIDWORKS product?

How do I Uninstall old solidworks?

Uninstalling SOLIDWORKS

  1. Open the Control Panel. …
  2. Navigate to “Programs” > “Programs and Features”. …
  3. You will be asked if you would like to allow the program to be changed or uninstalled. …
  4. SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager will open and ask what products you would like to uninstall.

How do I Uninstall solidworks 2021?

Open the Windows Control Panel and click Programs and Features. Select the product component to remove. In some cases, you might find multiple SOLIDWORKS Service Pack components for a given major release version. To remove a SOLIDWORKS major release, remove all Service Pack elements for that major release.

How do I Uninstall a solidworks add in?

Step 2: Go to: Control Panel (in Windows) –> Programs and Features –> Uninstall a Program, then Right-click on the Duro Add-in line item and select “Uninstall” to remove the Duro Add-in from your system (see attached image). Afterwards, follow the installation instructions above to install the latest version.

How do I Uninstall solidworks 2020 crack?

Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features. Select SOLIDWORKS 20XX SPX and then click Uninstall at the top of the list. This will open the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager to the Summary page. Then select “Change” to the right of the Advanced Options section.

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How do I uninstall VBA solidworks?

Using installation files to uninstall

  1. Download the installation media.
  2. Navigate to the PreReqs folder.
  3. Open the VBA folder.
  4. Right-click on the file named vba71.msi and uninstall.
  5. Right-click on the file named vba71_1033.msi and uninstall.
  6. Install the older version of SOLIDWORKS.

How do I remove a SOLIDWORKS license from my computer?

STEP 1: Open the latest version of SOLIDWORKS installed on your computer. This can be done using the Desktop Shortcut or the Start Menu. STEP 2: Select the Help Menu then Deactivate Licenses. STEP 3: Choose Select All from the SOLIDWORKS Product Activation Window, verify the e-mail address is correct, and hit Next.

How do I delete a registry in SOLIDWORKS?

How to reset/delete the SolidWorks Registry

  1. To open the registry: Press the “Windows Key + R”. Inside the “Run” dialog, type in “regedit.exe” and click OK. …
  2. For Systems Without PDM: ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSolidWorks
  3. For Systems With PDM: ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSolidWorksSOLIDWORKS 20XX.

Can I delete SOLIDWORKS data folder?

Use Tools > Options > Hole Wizard/ Toolbox and by process of elimination delete any extra folders not in use. … – Whilst you can retrospectively update a Data folder, it is far easier to allow the SOLIDWORKS installer to do this for you.

How do you delete a component in SOLIDWORKS?

To uninstall a product:

  1. On the Uninstall screen, ensure that the product is selected. If you uninstall all products, the Solidworks Installation Manager is also uninstalled.
  2. Clear the products you do not want to remove. …
  3. Choose whether to perform a custom or complete uninstall. …
  4. Click Remove Items.
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How do I uninstall VBA 7.1 SOLIDWORKS?

The installation kit of the VBA 7.1 component, ends with “msi”, is located in the installation kit of SOLIDWORKS under ”Prereqs > VBA”. Normally the installation kit can be found under Documents folder -> SOLIDWORKS Downloads. Right-click on the vba71. msi and choose “Uninstall”.

How do I install Solidworks Installation Manager?

Now you can download the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager to get started with the installation process:

  1. Select the Download link in the page and a zip file will download from the SOLIDWORKS web site. …
  2. After the SolidWorksSeup.exe zip file has completed downloading run the SolidWorksSeup.exe file from your local machine.