How do you get isometric view on Onshape?

View – To change the view from one perspective to another, select from the dropdown: Top, Left, Right, Front, Back, Bottom, or Isometric. The view on the drawing changes immediately.

How do you do isometric view on Onshape?

Hi @Jonathan_28 use the projected View command in the toolbar, and then select any of the standard views, drag it diagonally and you`ll obtain the ISO view. Use the projected view icon then click the existing view you wish to project from and project diagonally. That will create your isometric.

How do you get different isometric views in Solidworks?

Click Tools > Customize and select or clear Use Large Tooltips to enable or disable the view previews. flyout button in the Orientation dialog box to select axonometric (isometric, dimetric, or trimetric) views and to set which type of axonometric view is displayed when you select a View Selector corner.

How do I change the isometric view in AutoCAD?

You can switch between the three ‘isoplanes’ (top, right, left) by using this command or by pressing the F5 key. Newer versions of AutoCAD have an Isoplane icon on the status bar. You can click this to enter Isometric Drafting Mode as shown below. You can also change your Isoplanes here (but F5 is faster).

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How do I show isometric view in Solidworks?

SOLIDWORKS offers an option that allows the user to show an existing section view as an isometric section view. A right-mouse click on an existing section view will display the Isometric Section View option. When Isometric Section View is selected, the section view will change to an isometric view.

What are Multiview drawings?

A multiview drawing is one that shows two or more two-dimensional views of a three-dimensional object. Multiview drawings provide the shape description of an object. When combined with dimensions, multiview drawings serve as the main form of communication between designers and manufacturers.

How do you create a detail view?

Creating a Detail View / Detail View Profile

  1. In the Drawing window, click Detail View in the Views toolbar ( Details sub-toolbar). …
  2. Click the callout center. …
  3. Drag to select the callout radius and click a point to end the selection. …
  4. Click to generate the detail view.