How do you hide sketches on Onshape?

Simply left-click the part(s) you want showing, then right-click and choose the option to “Hide other parts.” This also applies to sketches. If you have many sketches showing and want a quick way to hide everything but one or two, you will see the option to “Hide other sketches” when right-clicking.

How do I hide my part on shape?

Use the shortcut key y to hide a part under the cursor (part will show highlighting on hover). To show the part again, use the context menu Show all or Show all parts commands.

How do you show sketches on assembly Onshape?

Inserting Sketches and Surfaces in an Onshape Assembly

From within an Onshape assembly tab, click on the insert button to open up the insert dialog. From here, navigate to the desired Document and select the Part Studio or assembly that contains the sketches and surfaces you would like to insert.

Can you hide dimensions in Onshape?

You can dimension to hidden lines (after using the command “Show hidden lines”). Editing the value of a dimension causes it to be converted to an Overridden dimension. … The Dimension tool for drawings work much like the Dimension tool for sketches.

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How do you hide a part in a assembly drawing?

To show or hide a component in all drawing views:

  1. In the assembly, create an assembly configuration.
  2. In the graphics area or the FeatureManager design tree, right-click a component and click Hide Components or Show Components .

How do you sketch Onshape?

Right-click on the name of the part, curve, or surface in the Part list or assembly in the Assembly list. Select Create drawing of . Choose a template. Notice that you are able to select from Onshape-supplied templates, by selecting the Onshape filter on the left (or Show Onshape drawing templates).

How do you put a part on shape?

Insert Parts and Assemblies

  1. Click the Insert parts and assemblies tool .
  2. Select Current document to insert from this document or Other documents to find another document from which to select. …
  3. Once a document is selected, select Part Studios or Assemblies to filter further.

How do you make shapes on shapes?

Simply select the entity (part name in a Part Studio or an Assembly or Part Studio tab) right-click and select Create drawing. You have the opportunity to select a drawing template, and then the drawing is created within a new Drawing tab in your document. For more information on drawings, see Drawing Basics. .

How do you delete a sketch?

Delete sketch patterns

  1. In the browser, select the sketch, right-click, and then select Edit Sketch.
  2. Select the sketch pattern geometry to delete.
  3. Right-click and select an option. The selection options are determined by selected geometry. Nonpattern geometry: Delete removes the selected geometry.
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How do you delete points on shape?

Press and hold two fingers so the box select pops up. Drag it around the point(s) to delete making sure only entities inside the box are selected then press the check mark to select them. Quick two finger tap to then bring up the delete menu.

How can I change my face on shape?

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  1. Tap Replace face tool.
  2. Select faces to replace.
  3. Select surface to replace with.
  4. Optionally, toggle to flip alignment.
  5. Specify offset distance.
  6. Optionally, toggle to switch to opposite direction.
  7. Tap the checkmark.

How do you move sketches on Onshape?

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  1. With the sketch opened for editing, select the sketch entities you want to move.
  2. In the Feature tool area, tap .
  3. Use the manipulator to drag and orient the sketch.
  4. Click in space when the sketch is placed and oriented as desired.

How do you hide construction lines on shape?

To hide all construction geometry, use the “Shift” and “P” keys simultaneously.

What are drawing dimensions?

Drawing dimensions are added to a drawing to further document the model, without changing or controlling features or part size. You add drawing dimensions as annotations to drawing views or geometry in drawing sketches. Drawing dimensions are expressed as numeric constants. You can add text to a dimension.