How do you make a sun path in Revit?

How do I make a sun path chart?

The Steps

  1. initial map.
  2. use Sun Calc to find your sun path.
  3. adjust to a generic date and time.
  4. locking layers can be quite useful.
  5. adjust the sun path image.
  6. the circle is the base for the sun path diagram.
  7. clipping masks.
  8. draw the sun angles.

How do you play sun Study in Revit?

In the Project Browser, double-click a view for which you created a solar study animation. On the View Control Bar, click (Shadows On), and then click (Sun Path On), and select Preview Solar Study. To play the animation from start to finish, on the Options Bar, click (Play).

Where is the sun direction?

The Sun rises in the east (far arrow), culminates in the south (to the right) while moving to the right, and sets in the west (near arrow). Both rise and set positions are displaced towards the north in midsummer and the south in midwinter. In the Southern Hemisphere, south is to the left.

What is Sun path chart?

Sun path diagrams can tell you a lot about how the sun will impact your site and building throughout the year. Stereographic sun path diagrams can be used to read the solar azimuth and altitude for a given location.

What angle is the sun at?

The reason we have seasons is because of the varying sun angle due to the earth’s 23.5° tilt on its axis. As the earth rotates and orbits around the sun, different parts of the earth get exposed to different amounts of sunlight throughout the year.

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