How do you make a viewport in Revit?

How do I add a viewport to a sheet in Revit?

There are several ways to add views to a sheet in Revit. You can drag and drop any View/Schedule/Legend from the Project Browser onto a sheet. As you move the cursor over the sheet in the drawing area, a viewport for the selected view moves with it. Click to place the viewport in the desired location.

What is a viewport in Revit?

A viewport is like a window through which you can see the actual view. Viewports apply only to project drawings, such as floor plans, elevations, sections, and 3D views.

How do you activate a viewport?

Solution: To select a viewport that is completely contained within another viewport in a layout, double-click within the larger viewport to activate it, then use CTRL+R to switch activated viewports until the desired viewport is selected.

How do you create multiple viewports in Revit?

Use Ctrl+Select to select more than one view, then with the Ctrl key still selected, drag the views onto a sheet on the right-hand side as shown. When views are placed on a sheet they will automatically be assigned to a viewport type per the Settings.

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How do I show a viewport in Revit?

Click Modify | Viewports tab Viewport panel (Activate View). Revit displays the sheet title block and its contents in halftone.

How do I change the viewport in Revit?

Modify a View on a Sheet

  1. Open the sheet.
  2. In the drawing area, select a view on the sheet. …
  3. Click Modify | Viewports tab Viewport panel (Activate View). …
  4. Modify the view as desired. …
  5. To deactivate the view on the sheet, double-click outside of the view, or right-click, and click Deactivate View.

How do you make a viewport smaller in Revit?

Right-click the activated view, and click Pan Active View. Drag the cursor to pan the view. Change the scale of the view. On the View Control Bar, for Scale, select the desired scale.

How do I select a layout in viewport?

Go to the layout tab that contains the problem viewport. From the Properties palette, select the Quick Select button on the top right. On the Quick Select dialog box, set the Object type to Viewport and click OK.

What is viewport AutoCAD?

Layout viewports are objects that display views of model space. You create, scale, and place them in paper space on a layout. On each layout, you can create one or more layout viewports. Each layout viewport is like a closed circuit TV monitor of a view of the model at a scale and orientation that you specify.

How do you unlock a viewport in AutoCAD?

As its tooltip indicates, its function is to lock and unlock viewports. Click the Lock/Unlock Viewport button to lock the viewport scale. The yellow unlocked padlock changes to a blue locked padlock, and the Viewport Scale button becomes unselectable. Locking the display makes for some nifty zooming.

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How do I create multiple sheets in Revit?

Create multiple sheets

  1. Select views, where you choose from existing views in your project. …
  2. Select levels, where you choose levels in a list and the application creates new floor plans. …
  3. Specify number of drawings, where you specify the number of copies you want of your template drawing.

What is Legendview?

Legend views list model components and annotations used in a project. Add dimensions to individual legend components to make them more descriptive. Communicate graphic conventions in a model by creating a legend view.