How do you make something in Solidworks?

What can I design in Solidworks?

Designers need design tools that are best-in-class for sketching, modeling, assembly, sheet metal, surfacing, machining, presentation, and documentation. SOLIDWORKS provides all these capabilities and more in an all-inclusive solution set.

How do I start a part in Solidworks?


  1. Start off by clicking on “File” and then select “New”.
  2. A new window will appear, from the default templates SOLIDWORKS provides, we will select “Part” and click “Ok”.
  3. With the blank canvas opened we will start to modify it. …
  4. At the top of this new window we are going to select “Document Properties”.

How do you sketch a part in SOLIDWORKS?

Sketching on the Face of a Part

  1. Select the planar model face on which you want to sketch.
  2. Click a sketch tool on the Sketch toolbar, click Sketch. , or click Insert > Sketch . …
  3. To sketch on a different face, exit the current sketch, select the new face, and open a new sketch.

How expensive is Solidworks?

The basic SOLIDWORKS price has not changed since it was first released in 1996. One license of SOLIDWORKS Standard is $3,995. The Annual Subscription service for a standard license, which covers technical support, upgrades, and more for one year, is $1,295.

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Is solidworks better than AutoCAD?

Both AutoCAD and Solidworks are comparable tools. AutoCAD is better suited for general-purpose 2D and 3D drafting, while Solidworks excels in developing sophisticated 3D models and simulations. There is no way to say one of these is superior to the other because it depends upon your requirements.

Can I get solidworks for free?

Currently, there are two options available to try SOLIDWORKS for free. The first option is through MySolidWorks which offers an online product trial of the latest version of SOLIDWORKS Premium, all from within your browser. … These SOLIDWORKS trials can be created for 7, 15, or 30 days.

How do I create a custom template in Solidworks?

To create a template:

  1. Click New (Standard toolbar) or File > New.
  2. Double-click the type of template that you want to create: Part, Assembly, or Drawing.
  3. Click Options (Standard toolbar) or Tools > Options.
  4. On the Document Properties tab, select options to customize your new document template, then click OK. …
  5. Optional.

How do I create a component list in Solidworks?

With the part or assembly open, select Insert > Tables > Bill of Materials. Set the BOM properties in the Bill of Materials PropertyManager and click . To create a parts-only BOM, select Parts only for BOM Type. To create a top-level BOM, select Top-level only for BOM Type.

How do you make a normal plane in Solidworks?

Click Plane (Reference Geometry toolbar) or Insert > Reference Geometry > Plane. For First Reference , select a vertex in the graphics area. In the PropertyManager, under First Reference, click Parallel to screen . Optionally enter a value for Distance to offset the plane from the reference vertex.

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How do you make a relationship in Solidworks?

(Dimensions/Relations toolbar) or Tools > Relations > Add to create geometric relations (such as tangent or perpendicular) between sketch entities, or between sketch entities and planes, axes, edges, or vertices. You can choose whether geometric relations are automatically created as you create sketch entities.