How do you repeat a mate in SolidWorks?

How do you copy mates in Solidworks?

To copy mates when you copy a component:

  1. Click Copy with Mates. (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Component > Copy with Mates.
  2. Set options in the PropertyManager.
  3. Click . The PropertyManager remains open so you can create additional instances of the component.
  4. Click. again to close the PropertyManager.

What is a parallel mate in Solidworks?

Parallel: Keeps selected items at a constant distance from each other. … Distance: Specify a distance between two components planes, faces, or edges. Angle: Place components at a desired angle from another component.

How do I copy part of an assembly?

Click Structure and then, in the Part & Assembly group, click Copy. The Create Copy dialog box opens. 2. Click Source and double-click the part or assembly in the Structure Browser, or select the part or assembly in the viewport.

How do you duplicate parts in Solidworks?

To copy multiple components: In the FeatureManager design tree, Ctrl + select or Shift + select the components to copy. Ctrl + drag the selected components and drop them in the graphics area.

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How do you repeat a feature in Solidworks?

Two methods of copying SOLIDWORKS features:

  1. The first is to hold down the CTRL key, then drag & drop the feature to where you want to copy it to.
  2. The second method is to use CTRL+C, then pick where you want it to paste to and use CTRL+V.

Can you copy and paste bodies in Solidworks?

In multibody parts, you can move, rotate, and copy solid and surface bodies, or place them using mates. To move, copy, rotate, or mate a solid or surface body: Click Move/Copy Bodies (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Move/Copy. Specify parameters to move, copy, or rotate bodies.

Can you duplicate solidworks files?

If you’re working with a single file you can use the options ‘Save as Copy and Continue’ and ‘Save as Copy and Open’ to duplicate files. ‘Save as Copy and Continue’ saves a file with the new name but leaves the old one on screen.

How do you switch between configurations in an assembly?

To configure a component:

  1. In an assembly, right-click a component and click Configure Component .
  2. In the Modify Configurations dialog box, you can: Create new assembly configurations. Change the component configuration used in each assembly configuration.

What is a tangent mate?

Mate two entities tangent to the selected faces, edges, or vertices. Tangent Mate: Desktop. Mate two entities tangent to the selected faces, edges, or vertices. Tangent Mates do not require or accept Mate connectors.

How do I insert multiple copies of a part in Solidworks assembly?

Under Part/Assembly to Insert, do one of the following:

  1. Ctrl + select several components from the list.
  2. Click Browse. In the dialog box, Ctrl + select several components and then click Open.
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How do you copy multiple features in Solidworks?

In the FeatureManager design tree, select the feature to copy. Hold down Ctrl and drag the feature to a location on the same face or a different face.

How do I copy a surface from one part to another in Solidworks?

Click at the first chair leg surface, hold down the Control key and select the other 3 legs as well.

  1. Go to Insert > Surface > Offset or click at the Surface Offset icon.
  2. Save your Chair first.
  3. Go to Insert > Part or click on the Insert Part icon.