How do you zoom in on archicad?

In the Archicad 18, I can hit the “-” key and it will zoom out. Supposedly, when you hit the “+” key it will zoom in. However, on a MAC I have to hit shift, “+”.

How do you zoom in and out in archicad?

You can use numeric keypad shortcuts to achieve the scrolling zoom effect: press the ‘+’ key for zooming in and the ‘-‘ key for zooming out. Click the Zoom In or Zoom Out button on the bottom scrollbar of the active window to activate the corresponding shortcut.

How do I zoom an object in archicad?

To use Zoom to Selection –all you need to do is select elements (with mouse click, Find & Select or Ctrl/Cmd+A etc) and then go to View > Zoom > Zoom to Selection. Personally, I select the elements and then right-click the mouse – Zoom to Selection is always second from bottom.

How do you zoom in and out on archicad on a Mac?

Scroll + hold shift to Orbit in 3D. Scroll + Option/Alt to Zoom in and out in 3D and 2D views.

Where is Pan button in archicad?

With Pan Button: Click the Pan button on the bottom scrollbar of the active window. Click into the active window and pan it by moving the Hand cursor with your mouse. The whole on-screen area will move, while the current zoom level is preserved.

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How do you zoom in on Twinmotion model?

The quick answer: hit the 3 key. Long answer. Click the eye icon-upper right corner; then click the speedometer icon; then click either the car, person, or shoe icons for desired speed.

How do you zoom in on Figma?

Use your trackpad or mouse to zoom in out on the whiteboard: Mouse: Hold down ⌘ Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) and scroll the mouse wheel up to zoom in, or down to zoom out.

How do you pan around archicad?

To get into this option you click/hold the scrolling wheel on your mouse down. Now you can pan. The next movement is to zoom in and out. You can do this with the mouse scroll wheel.