Is SketchUp compatible with SolidWorks?

SketchUp to SolidWorks Exporter/Converter is a simple data exchange plug-in/add-on tool which creates native SolidWorks Parts (. … sldasm) from SketchUp objects (. skp). Exports the SketchUp model into a BXF file, the exported BXF file is then imported into the SolidWorks platform.

Can I import SketchUp to SolidWorks?

Tutorial : How to Import Sketchup files to SolidWorks?

  • Launch Sketchup and open a 3D model. 1-click file. 2-Export 3d model.
  • 1- choose 3DS file. 2-Export.
  • click ok.
  • your file open with meshlab.
  • 1-click save as. 2- choose STL File format. 3-save your file.
  • click ok.
  • Launch Solidworks and open your file.

What files are compatible with SketchUp?

Using SketchUp Data with Other Modeling Programs or Tools

File Type File Extension(s) SketchUp Pro and Shop Only?
CAD files .dwg , .dxf PRO and SHOP only
Image files .jpg , .png , .tif , .bmp , .psd , .tga , .epx , .pdf , .eps Some file types are PRO and SHOP only
STL files .stl
COLLADA files .dae

Which software can open SKP files?

How do I open an SKP file? You can open an SKP file in Trimble SketchUp (Windows, Mac) or Trimble SketchUp Viewer (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android). SketchUp allows you to view and edit the model an SKP file contains, while SketchUp Viewer only allows you to view the model.

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Is Google SketchUp free?

SketchUp Free is the simplest free 3D modeling software on the web — no strings attached. … You don’t need thousands of bells and whistles to draw in 3D… All you need is your idea, and room to draw.

Can SketchUp export STEP files?

When you export a SketchUp model as a 3D CAD file, you can select what entities are exported. To export your model, follow these steps: In SketchUp, select File > Export > 3D Model. The Export Model dialog box appears.

Can you convert SolidWorks to Revit?

Export the Solidworks file to IFC and then import the file into Revit. Export the Solidworks file to a STEP file and then import it into AutoCAD. Export the file from AutoCAD as 3D DWG and then import into Revit.

Can SketchUp save as STL?

In SketchUp, you can import and export STL files, which are used in 3D printing. As explained in 3D Printing a Model, for a SketchUp model to become a successful 3D printout, the model needs to meet certain criteria, such as having a base and a volume and being a solid.

Can SolidWorks open Dae files?

The software recognizes assembly information in imported Collada (. DAE) files. … The software recognizes assembly information in imported Dassault Systèmes . 3DXML files.

Can you import SketchUp into AutoCAD?

To resolve the issue, download the add-on software for AutoCAD versions 2013 or newer from Autodesk App Store. Once the add-on is added, the ability to import SketchUp (. skp) file into AutoCAD will be available.

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Can I import PDF into SketchUp?

Currently, you cannot import a PDF directly into Sketchup on the Windows version so the usual way to import something at least is to convert the PDF file into a raster image. In this SketchUp tutorial, we’ll introduce a free tool that you can use to convert PDF’s to DXF files, which you can import into Sketchup Pro.

What can SketchUp be used for?

SketchUp is a 3D modeling computer program for a broad range of drawing and design applications — including architectural, interior design, industrial and product design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, theater, film and video game development.