Question: How do I mirror in Catia v5?

How do you mirror a part of Catia?

RE: Mirror of part needed to be a separate part

then while working in the product, go to the top of the window and goto Insert->Symmetry. Choose the plane of symmetry, choose your part from the tree, Choose your options in the dialog box. Ok. Save management.

Can you mirror a mirror Catia?

Mirroring a feature, or a set of features is a great way to duplicate features quickly while maintaining a link. However, mirroring a pattern in CATIA can be tricky. … You could mirror the three allowed feature and then create another pattern for the right flange.

What is the difference between symmetry and mirror in Catia?

A33: Symmetry is used to translate the features about a point or line or plane. Mirror is used to translate a single or multiple features on the other side of plane. We cannot take point or line an mirror reference always it should be a plane or planer surface.

How do you mirror a pattern?

Select one or more features to mirror. To mirror a pattern, select the pattern leader. 2. Click Model > Mirror.

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