Quick Answer: Does MML link exist in Catia?

The Multi-model Links (MML) Browser application is designed to view multi-model links of a document and its related attributes in Teamcenter. … The browser also provides ways to interact with CATIAV5, i.e., loading a document in the active CATIA V5 session.

How do I get rid of MML link in Catia?

How to remove MML link? I think what you need to do is right click on the detail of the frame block and select EXPLODE. This will place it into the background of the current drawing and brake the link to the referenced (where copied from) drawing.

How to change link in CATIA?

Editing Document Links

  1. Select Edit > Links . …
  2. Click OK and exit your session.
  3. Move the document CHC. …
  4. Restart your session, then reopen the document Links. …
  5. At this point, you have two options: …
  6. Click the document shown in red in the Desk window.
  7. Right-click then select Find .

How do you fix broken links in Catia V5?

You can repair a broken link by removing the link to the missing document. For example, if a section has a broken link because a linked topic was deleted, you can open the section in the Outline Editor and remove the missing topic from the section.

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How do you break links in Catia V5?

Scenario: 1 – Open CATIA V5 2 – Open the Drawing. 3 – Use Edit -> Links -> Pointed Documents to find that there is an OLE Link from Word Document in this Drawing. 4 – In the OLE Links Dialog click on the Brake Link button to brake the Link. 5 – Click yes in the pop up message 6 – Close the dialog. .

How do I create a hyperlink in Catia?

Adding Attribute Links to Text

  1. On the active view, double-click the text to which you want to add a link. …
  2. In the drawing, right-click the text and select Attribute Link .
  3. Select the object to which you want the text to be linked, from the specification tree (either from the 3D or from the CATDrawing document).

How do I edit a drawing in Catia?

Click OK to validate and exit the dialog box. The sheet is modified accordingly.

What are the options in Paste Special Catia?

Pasting Surface Objects Using the Specification Tree

  • Pasting onto a part body.
  • Pasting without specifying the paste location.
  • Pasting to a new document using As specified in Part document.
  • Pasting to a new document using As Result With Link.
  • Pasting to a new document using As Result.

How do I copy parts in assembly Catia?

To copy, you can either:

  1. click the Copy icon.
  2. select the Edit > Copy command.
  3. select the Copy command on the contextual menu or.
  4. from the geometry area or the specification tree, press and hold down the Ctrl key and drag the selection.