Quick Answer: How do I change edge style in SketchUp?

How do you change styles in SketchUp?

Choosing a Style

  1. Select Window > Styles. Open the Styles panel in the Default Tray. …
  2. Click the Select tab (if it’s not already selected).
  3. From the Styles Collections drop-down list, select a collection, such as Default Styles, Color Sets, or Sketchy Edges. …
  4. Click a style thumbnail.

How do I change the default style in SketchUp?

Changing your default template

If you ever want to change the default template, just follow these steps: Select Window > Preferences (Microsoft Windows) or SketchUp > Preferences (Mac OS X). In the sidebar on the left, select the Template option. Select one of the templates in the Drawing Template list box.

How do I soften edges in SketchUp?

| Windows: Select Window > Default Tray > Soften Edges. Or context-click your selection and choose Soften/Smooth Edges. Either way, the Soften Edges dialog box appears, as shown in the figure. Click and drag the Angle between normals slider to set the maximum size of all angles that will be smoothed or softened.

How do you select edges in SketchUp?

Switch to wireframe ( 3th icon in styles toolbar) to see only the edges. Or you could install an extension ( selection tools by ThomThom is free,as in beer) which give you an apprehensive comprehensive set of possible options.

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How do I manage styles in SketchUp?

Managing In Model Styles and Collections

  1. Open the Styles panel by selecting Window > Styles. opening the Styles dialog box in the Default Tray.
  2. On the Select tab, click the In Model icon ( ) or select In Model from the Styles Collections drop-down list, as shown in the figure.

How do you change the line style in SketchUp Pro?

Customizing Line Widths and Styles

  1. Click the Shape Style panel to open it. …
  2. Select the entity whose stroke you want to modify. …
  3. Click the Stroke option to select it. …
  4. Select your desired stroke settings, which are explained in detail in the upcoming list.

What is rendering in SketchUp?

To render within SketchUp and see a model as a high-resolution photorealistic image you will need to download and install a SketchUp rendering extension. You will be amazed at your customer’s reactions when you show them a rendering of your 3D designs with lighting, shadows and reflections providing depth and realism.

How do you change the front view in SketchUp?

To adjust the field of view or focal length, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Zoom tool or press the Z key. You can also select Camera > Field of View from the menu bar.
  2. Type a value in degrees or millimeters, respectively.