Quick Answer: How do I extract COBie data from Revit?

What is a COBie spreadsheet?

Construction-Operations Building information exchange (COBie) standard data. … XLS files, is a series of data fields that are organized in a spreadsheet with multiple worksheets. Each worksheet corresponds to a COBie table.

What is COBie data in Revit?

Construction Operations Building information exchange (COBie) is an exchange specification for the information needed by facility managers. … COBie information can be stored as additional schedules in a Revit dataset and will be read by FME’s Revit reader.

What is BIM interoperability tools?

BIM maturity and interoperability

Here BIM tools are used to automate the generation of design documents but no reusable data is passed on to the other parties in a standard format. BIM level 2 is mainly about federated models and file based collaboration.

Is COBie a software?

COBie has been incorporated into software for planning, design, construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance, and asset management. COBie may take several approved formats include spreadsheet, STEP-Part 21 (also called IFC file format), and ifcXML.

What is a COBie data drop?

This submission of data is described as a ‘data drop’ or ‘information exchange’. Generally, data drops are aligned to project stages, and the information required reflects the level of development that the project should have reached by that stage. … Data structures (such as COBie files and schedules).

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What is COBie asset data?

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) is a non-proprietary data format for the publication of a subset of building information models (BIM) focused on delivering asset data as distinct from geometric information.

What is a COBie component?

The Construction-Operations Building information exchange (COBie) format is the international standard for the exchange of information about managed facility assets. … These products cover the entire facility life-cycle from planning, design, construction, commissioning to operations, maintenance, and space management.

Is COBie mandatory?

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) is a non-proprietary data format mandated by the government in the UK.

Why is COBie important?

COBie aims to standardise the format and specification. Other industries which have already digitised have learned the importance of sharable structured data. … And these are the reasons why it’s important that the industry gets to grips with a standard for structured data – in this case it’s COBie.