Quick Answer: How do you create an axis reference in Solidworks?

What is the use of reference axis in Solidworks?

You can use an axis in creating sketch geometry or in a circular pattern. You can create a reference axis, also called a construction axis. The Axis PropertyManager appears when you create a new axis or edit an existing axis. Every cylindrical and conical face has an axis.

What is Axis reference?

Axis of reference means the characteristic axis of the light signal, determined by the manufacturer for use as the direction of reference (H = 0º, V = 0º) for photometric measurements and when fitting the reflex reflector to the vehicle.

How do I show axis in Solidworks drawing?

To turn the display of axes on or off: Click View > Hide/Show > Axes. Search ‘Turning the Display of Axes On or Off’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

How do I change axis in Solidworks?

To specify the up axis for view orientation:

  1. Open a model.
  2. Click View Orientation (View toolbar).
  3. In the Orientation dialog box, click the Up Axis flyout and select an option: Apply Y-up views. Uses the Y-axis as the up orientation for views. Apply Z-up views. Uses the Z-axis as the up orientation for views.
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How do you mate axes in Solidworks?

To mate an axis with a cylindrical face in an assembly:

  1. Select an axis and a cylindrical face or circular edge. To display temporary axes, expand Hide/Show Items (Heads-up View toolbar) and click View Temporary Axes .
  2. Click Mate (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Mate. …
  3. Complete the mate and click .

How do you create a coordinate in Solidworks?

To create a coordinate system:

  1. Click Coordinate System (Reference Geometry toolbar) or Insert > Reference Geometry > Coordinate System .
  2. Use the Coordinate System PropertyManager to create the coordinate system. You can amend your selections: …
  3. Click .

How do you reference axis?

A reference axis is an axis that has only an input, such as position, pressure, or force. A reference axis does not have a Control Output and cannot control anything. A reference axis is commonly called a “half-axis”.

What is a set of axis?

All graphs have an -axis and a -axis. Here is a diagram of a typical set of axes. The point is called the origin. The horizontal axis is the -axis. The vertical axis is the -axis.

How do you explain axis of symmetry?

An axis of symmetry is a line about which a figure is symmetrical. If a figure can be folded such that the two parts exactly match, the fold line is an axis of symmetry.

How do you hide a triad in Solidworks?

To display or hide the reference triad, click Tools > Options > System Options > Display. Select or clear Display reference triad, then click OK. See the view normal to the screen.

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How do I remove a drawing from origin in Solidworks?

Click View > Hide/Show > Origins . When the icon next to the menu item is highlighted, origins are visible except for origins that you hide individually.