What is an atrium split floor plan?

Atrium split, which is commonly confused with F/B, has a similar concept but it is open and airy where you can see the whole kitchen right from the front door. There is also another form of a split floor plan, which is known as split entry where you immediately see just the stairs when you enter the home.

What is a split floor plan?

In a property with a split bedroom floor plan, the main bedroom or suite is separated from the rest of the rooms in the house. So you’ll have the main bedroom on one end of the house, then the common living spaces in the middle, and the other bedrooms grouped together on the other side of the house.

What is a reverse split house?

Similar to a side-split, the back-split-style home is divided into multiple levels, but it looks different from the outside. Unlike a side-split house, the split levels of a back-split house can be viewed only from the side, and only one story is visible from the front, while two stories are visible from the back.

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What does reverse Ranch mean?

A ranch-style home has all of the bedrooms, kitchen, and living space on one level. … A reverse is like a ranch in disguise! Imagine your typical 1.5 style floor plan but, in a reverse-style floor plan, the additional bedrooms are in the basement instead of the 2nd story.

What is reverse living floor plan?

Reverse living is a home design where the main living spaces and master suite are on the upper floors (usually the second and third floors) in order to maximize views in the areas of the home you will spend the most time.

What is the purpose of a split level house?

The split-level blueprint allows for more separation between downstairs and upstairs than other home designs and is great for those who want to have an office, gym, or hobby space downstairs. The money-savvy might even rent out a downstairs bedroom to a roommate.

What is a 3 bedroom split?

A “split” style apartment is one where the living room is used as a second or third bedroom. For instance, a 1/2 split has two bedrooms but no living room. A 2/3 split has three bedrooms but no living room…and so on.

Are split entry homes harder to sell?

Split-level homes are harder to sell because of a combination of the age of their owners and the age of the actual houses. A large older population trying to sell many split-level homes creates abundant supply, while their dated decor combined with wear and tear lowers demand.

Are split levels making a comeback?

In light of what we discussed in this article, it is easy to see that split level houses are making a strong comeback. Putting up a split level home for rent or investing for appreciation are highly recommended approaches if you want to capitalize on this trend.

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Why are raised ranches popular?

It was born in the 1950s and 1960s when growing families needed more room to expand than a single story ranch home and became a popular choice because they saved costs when building.

What does SD mean on a floor plan?

SD — Smoke detector, sliding door, or sewer drain.

What is a rambler style house?

Rambler style homes feature large picture windows (allowing for plenty of natural light), often specifically facing the street, with shutters for aesthetic purposes only. Ramblers typically have extended eaves, and can also feature post and beam ceilings in addition to sliding doors.

What is a reverse one and a half?

Reverse 1½-Story Homes for Sale

The Reverse 1.5-Story floor plan is becoming quite popular! What this usually means, is that the Master Bedroom is on the main level, just like a regular 1½-story floor plan. However, the secondary bedrooms are on the lower level (basement), rather than upstairs.

Why are kitchens on the second floor?

Kitchen’s are usually a prime space and/or adjacent to a prime space when hosting guests. If the kitchen goes on the second floor of a two story (or more) home, you would probably want the social gathering space to be on the second floor as well (and therefore bedrooms on the first floor with the garage).

What does right reading reverse mean?

What is a Right-Reading Reverse House Plan? A right-reading reverse house plan, also known as a reverse house plan, is a plan that is a “flipped,” or reverse, image of an original plan. This puts the right side of the home on the left side and the left on the right.

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