What is functional architecture diagram?

Functional Architecture. A Functional Architecture is an architectural model that identifies system function and their interactions. It defines how the functions will operate together to perform the system mission(s).

How do you create a functional architecture diagram?

How to draw an architectural diagram

  1. Document your shapes. …
  2. And the edges. …
  3. Keep your arrows consistent. …
  4. Use colors sparingly. …
  5. Use multiple diagrams, if necessary. …
  6. Merge incomplete diagrams. …
  7. Include legends/keys/glossaries. …
  8. Use diagramming software.

What is a functional solution architecture?

A functional software architecture (FSA) is an architectural model that identifies enterprise functions, interactions and corresponding IT needs. These functions can be used as a reference by different domain experts to develop IT-systems as part of a co-operative information-driven enterprise.

What is architecture diagram?

An architecture diagram is a graphical representation of a set of concepts, that are part of an architecture, including their principles, elements and components. … An Example Architecture Diagram of an Enterprise Architecture to create a Modern Smart and Green Company, using various concepts and principles.

What are the five functions of architecture?

Here are five important types of function in architecture.

  • Use and user function. Function can refer to intended uses and activities. …
  • Technical function. Structural and mechanical systems are crucial to the function of architecture. …
  • Environmental function. …
  • Economic function. …
  • Symbolic function.
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What are the types of architecture diagram?

Diagrams represent ideas in visual form. … Conceptual diagrams (like flowcharts and Venn diagrams) show relationships between items, while schematic diagrams (like exploded diagrams and subway maps) are best described as simplified, abstracted pictures. Architectural diagrams tend either to be conceptual or schematic.

What is a functional building?

In architecture, functionalism is the principle that buildings should be designed based solely on their purpose and function. … In this respect, functionalist architecture is often linked with the ideas of socialism and modern humanism.

What documents is the functional architect responsible for?

The functional architecture must be documented to provide the diagrams, drawings, models, and specifications against which software design synthesis can be performed and evaluated. Functional architecture includes the design documentation shown in Table 11.1.

What are functional requirements examples?

The list of examples of functional requirements includes:

  • Business Rules.
  • Transaction corrections, adjustments, and cancellations.
  • Administrative functions.
  • Authentication.
  • Authorization levels.
  • Audit Tracking.
  • External Interfaces.
  • Certification Requirements.

What are architectural drawings called?

Prints of architectural drawings are still sometimes called blueprints, after one of the early processes which produced a white line on blue paper.

Where can I draw an architecture diagram?

How to Create Application Architecture Diagram Online?

  • Draw.io.
  • Terrastruct.
  • Gliffy.
  • Edraw Max.
  • Cacoo.
  • ProcessOn.
  • Lucidchart.
  • Creately.

What are 3 types of architecture?

Here are 8 of the most recognised architectural styles that have been applied in many popular structures around the globe.

  • Greek and Roman Classical Architecture. …
  • Gothic Architecture. …
  • Baroque. …
  • Neoclassical Architecture. …
  • Victorian Architecture. …
  • Modern Architecture. …
  • Post-Modern Architecture. …
  • Neofuturist Architecture.
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What are functional characteristics of a building?

A high performing building includes these characteristics: Sustainable design with a proper balance of aesthetics, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, safety, and security. Superior indoor air quality, based on the specific requirements of the space. Energy efficient design and performance.

What is functional space in architecture?

Functionalism, in architecture, the doctrine that the form of a building should be determined by practical considerations such as use, material, and structure, as distinct from the attitude that plan and structure must conform to a preconceived picture in the designer’s mind.