Where do BIM 360 downloads go?

The default location of the connected drives on the local machine is C:usersBIMTeam (or Fusion, or BIM 360, depending on what product you are using.

Where are BIM 360 local files stored?

BIM 360 Design local files: C:Users%username%AppDataLocalAutodeskRevitAutodesk Revit 2019CollaborationCache. This is where the “Local” file is saved for a BIM 360 Design project.

How do I access BIM 360 files?

Access BIM 360 On Your Desktop

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Click the BIM 360 data source.
  3. Open the account you wish to access.
  4. Locate and open a project.
  5. Browse the project folders as desired.

How do I download files from BIM 360?

You can download models from BIM 360 Glue to your computer.

  1. Do one of the following: To download from the models page, make your selection, and right-click Download. …
  2. In the Choose Location for Model dialog, navigate to a directory to save the file to and click Select Folder. …
  3. Click Open Location to open the directory.

Where do local Revit files get saved?

Solution: When working on Collaboration for Revit files, local copies are saved at the following file path: C:Users%USERNAME%AppDataLocalAutodeskRevitCollaborationCache.

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Where do I find journal files in Revit?

These files are stored in the following folder: %LOCALAPPDATA%AutodeskRevitJournals.

How do I restore a Revit file?

Restore a backup copy of the central model:

  1. Start Revit.
  2. Click Collaborate tab Synchronize panel (Restore Backup).
  3. In the Browse for Folder dialog, navigate to the copy of the backup folder for the central model (created in step 2), and click Open.

How do I get BIM 360 on my desktop?

Ensure that you are using the current release before contacting Autodesk Support.

Install Desktop Connector for BIM 360

  1. Download and install the latest version of Desktop Connector for Windows.
  2. Open the downloaded package and follow the instructions.
  3. Restart your machine.

How do I open BIM 360 files in Revit 2020?

Starting with Revit 2020, there is a new way for BIM 360 Design users to initiate workshared cloud models.

  1. Create a new Revit model or open an existing model.
  2. Use the Collaborate tab to enable worksets.
  3. Save the workshared file to BIM 360 Document Management by selecting “Save As > Cloud Model” in the File menu.

How do I open a Revit file in BIM 360?

Use Revit Home to open a model from BIM 360 Document Management. On the Home page, under Models, click Open. As an alternative, from the ribbon, click File tab Open (Project). In the Open dialog, navigate to the folder where the model resides.

How do I export a download?

Creating the Export Download File

  1. Log in to app.smarsh.com.
  2. Select your user name > Exports from the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Select an Active export.
  4. Click Export to create a new download file.
  5. In the Format field, select an export option: …
  6. Enter a password to enable access to the download file.
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What is download source file in bim360?

Download source file: Downloads a copy of the file. Export: Involves additional preparation for documents containing hyperlinks or markups.