You asked: How do I export my Civil 3D profile?

How do I export a Civil 3D profile to AutoCAD?

To Export an AutoCAD Civil 3D Drawing to an AutoCAD DWG File

  1. Set up your drawing so that all objects that you want to export are visible. …
  2. Click Output tab Export panel Export Civil 3D Drawing Find.
  3. In the Export AutoCAD Civil 3D Drawing dialog box, select AutoCAD DWG in the Export To File Type field.

How do I export a profile in AutoCAD?

In the AutoCAD application window, click the Application Menu button and then click Options. 2. In the Options dialog box, Profiles tab, in the Available Profiles list, select the profile to export and click Export.

How do I export a surface profile in Civil 3D?

Click the profile you want to copy. Click Profile tab Modify Profile panel Geometry Editor Find. In the Profile Layout Tools dialog box, click Copy Profile. In the Copy Profile Data dialog box, check the data displayed in the Source Profile Information area to ensure that this is the correct profile to copy.

Can you copy a profile in Civil 3D?

But we have some options to create copies to show minimum or maximum depth profiles. OPTION 1: … Create a copy of EG Profile using the AutoCAD or Civil 3D commands. The copy will be stacked.

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How do I export a Civil 3D drawing?

At the command line, enter UCS, and then enter World. At the command line, enter Options to display the Options dialog box. Click the AEC Editor tab, specify the Export To AutoCAD settings, and then click OK. At the command line, enter ExportToAutoCAD.

How do I open a DWG file in Civil 3D?

To import a DWG into a part:

  1. Manage tab Insert panel Import. Optionally, 3D Model tab Create panel Import.
  2. In the applicable dialog box, set the Files of type to view the available files.
  3. Select the file to import and click open.