You asked: How do you unhide a viewport in Revit?

How do I unhide a temporary hide in Revit?

Click Modify | tab Reveal Hidden Elements panel (Unhide Element) or (Unhide Category). Right-click the element, and click Unhide in View Elements or Category.

How do you make elements visible in Revit?

Click View tab Graphics panel (Visibility/Graphics). On the Model Categories tab and Annotation Categories tab, check the Visibility settings for the types of elements that you added. If visibility for these elements is turned off, select the Visibility check box to make them visible.

How do you unhide grid lines in Revit?

Show and Hide Grid Bubbles

  1. Open a view that displays grid lines.
  2. Select a grid line. Revit LT displays a check box near the grid bubble. …
  3. Clear the check box to hide the bubble, or select it to show the bubble. You can repeat this process to show or hide the bubble at the opposite end of the grid line.

How do you hide layers in Revit?

To hide layers of the CAD file:

Go to View tab -> Graphics panel -> Visibility Graphics -> Visibility Graphics Override dialog box will appear. The list of all layers available are present. Turn off the checkbox for layers you do not need.

What is view depth in Revit?

View depth is an additional plane beyond the primary range. Change the view depth to show elements below the bottom clip plane. By default, the view depth coincides with the bottom clip plane.

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Where is the view control bar in Revit?

The View Control Bar is located at the bottom of the view window above the status bar and includes the following tools: Note: The exact tools available on the View Control Bar depends on the view type.