Your question: Do you need a license for Revit viewer?

To open and review models without an active license, you can run Revit in viewer mode. Revit Viewer is intended for reviewing models and printing views and sheets without the need for a software license or subscription.

Is Autodesk Revit viewer free?

Autodesk have now released a great new file viewer, it is free, accepts over 50 file formats including Revit, and requires no software.

What is viewer mode in Revit?

Viewer mode allows all functionality of Revit, except the following: save or save as in all cases; exporting or publishing modified projects; exporting or publishing any projects to a format containing model data that can be modified; or printing projects after changes are made.

Can you export from Revit viewer?

You also can export shaded and nonshaded views from Revit in formats for review in non-CAD applications. One option is to use the Export Image command, which lets you export to a variety of raster formats.

How do I open an RVT file without Revit?

Autodesk Viewer lets you open the RVT file without having Revit or AutoCAD on your computer. The same tool supports similar formats as well, like DWG, STEP, etc., and makes sharing the RVT file easy. RVT file open in Autodesk Viewer.

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What is the best free Revit viewer?

Modelo – Your Best Free Online Revit Viewer

  • Modelo is a 3D viewer with Zero Learning Cost. With Modelo, you will be able to freely Rotate, Pan, Zoom in, Zoom out, and Spin a 3D model. …
  • Fast BIM information viewing and management. …
  • Faster Rendering and Better Quality. …
  • Access your model on any device.

Is Autodesk Viewer free?

Autodesk Viewer is a free online viewer that works with over many file types, including DWG.

How do I put Viewer mode in Revit?

Use the Revit Viewer shortcut in the Start Menu, to launch Revit in the viewer mode.

How do I remove Revit Viewer mode?


  1. Remove all files under C:Users<username>AppDataRoamingAutodeskADUT.
  2. Go to C:Users<username>AppDataLocalAutodeskWeb Services and delete the file LoginState. xml.
  3. Remove all files under C:ProgramDataAutodeskADUT.
  4. Go to C:ProgramDataFLEXnet and delete all files that start with adskflex.

How do I see models in Revit?

Use the Revit Viewer Mode to view models and families: How to use Revit Viewer Mode. Upload the Revit Model to the Autodesk Viewer, and review the geometry online.

How do I submit a Revit model to consultants?

On the eTransmit panel of the Add-Ins tab, click Transmit a model. Choose the model(s) to transmit: Click Browse Model, and navigate to the location of the Revit model you want to transmit. Click Browse folders, and navigate to the folder that contains the Revit models you want to transmit.

What files can be exported from Revit?

What are the formats can be exported from Revit?

  • CAD Formats. DWG. DXF. DGN. ACIS SAT.
  • DWF/DWFx.
  • Building Site. ADSK.
  • FBX.
  • NWC.
  • gbXML.
  • Mass Model. gbXML.
  • IFC.
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How do I share a client with Revit?

Drop a Revit model into its browser window to open the model for viewing. Then share a link to the file (where it is stored for 30 days) or start a live session for real-time review of the model.

How do I convert Revit to CAD without Revit?

With the Revit model open, Click the Application Menu (“Big R”) > “Export” > “CAD Formats” > Select “DWG“. In the “DWG Export” dialog box – Click on the ellipsis (button with 3 dots) to open the “Modify DWG/DXF Export Setup” dialog box.

What is RFA file?

Data file that can be loaded into a project created with Revit, a building information modeling (BIM) program; contains one or more 3D models that can be imported into a 3D scene; may be created and saved using the Revit Family Editor.

Can I open a Revit file in AutoCAD?

1) Start a new, empty drawing in AutoCAD 2) Load Cap 3) Attach the DWG created out of Revit as an external reference within AutoCAD a) Typing “XREF” at the AutoCAD command line and using the “External Reference” palette is the most common method, but it also possible via the “Insert” ribbon, in the “Reference” section.