Your question: Where is section plane in SketchUp?

Select the Section Plane tool ( ) or select Tools > Section Plane. Microsoft Windows users find the Section Plane tool on the Sections toolbar. On both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, the Section Plane tool is on the Large Tool Set palette.

How do I unhide a section plane in Sketchup?

Re: show/hide a section plane in a scene

Go to Window>Preferences>General and make sure the box is ticked for “Warn of style changes when creating scenes.” When you create a new scene this box should pop up.

What is a section plane in SketchUp?

In SketchUp, section planes cut a model along a plane so that you can peer inside the model – without moving or hiding any geometry. In a 3D model, an active section plane hides everything on one side of the plane, as shown in the following figure.

How are cutting planes section planes drawn?

The line of sight for the section view is perpendicular to the cut surfaces, which means they are drawn true size and shape in the section view. Also, no hidden lines are drawn and all visible surfaces and edges behind the cutting plane are drawn as object lines.

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How do I rotate a section plane in SketchUp?

Use the “Move” tool to move the section plane in the drawing. Just click the edge of the section plane, move the mouse pointer and click again when you’ve reached the desired position for the section plane. If you want to rotate the section plane, select the “Rotate” tool in the tool bar.

Is a type of section where the cutting plane is drawn vertically?

Sectional Front View:

When an object is cut by a vertical cutting plane or Auxiliary Vertical Plane, the front view obtained is called the Sectional Front View.

How do I find elevation in SketchUp?

Click the “Camera” button and scroll down to the “Standard Views” menu to select the view you wish to print. You will need to browse through these to find out which one corresponds to the elevation you wish to make.

What is a section plane?

Definition of section plane

1 : a surface seen in section (as in cross section) 2 : a hypothetical plane cutting a section.

What does a cutting plane line look like?

Cutting plane lines are thick lines that run through the center of the object that the interior wants to provide an interior view of. Two perpendicular lines with arrows showing in which direction the interior of the object should be viewed are drawn at the end of the line.

How is a cutting plane represented?

A cutting plane is represented on a drawing by a cutting plane line. This is a heavy long-short-short-long kind of line terminated with arrows. The arrows in show the direction of view. Once again, here is an graphic example of a cutting plane line and the section that develops from it.

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