Best answer: How do you delete an Onshape document?

How do I delete a part studio Onshape?

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Tap Delete part tool. Select the part or surface to delete (you are able to select in the graphics area or in the Feature list). Tap the checkmark.

How do you delete folders on Inshape?

When you right-click a folder, you will have two options that allow you to remove the folder, “Unpack folder,” and “Delete.” “Unpack folder” will remove the folder and move its contents back into the Feature List. “Delete” will delete the folder and the features within it.

How do you create a new document on Onshape?

Click Create > Document (shown below) to create a new document. Click the Onshape logo in the top left corner of the browser window (anywhere in the user interface) to return to the Documents page. The home page in Onshape is the Documents page.

How do I delete a part studio?

you can delete al but he last part studio by right clicking the part studio tab and pressing delete. Or use RMB menu on tab and select delete, this works for active or inactive tabs (part studio, assembly, drawing…)

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How do you delete an Onshape tab?

Use Ctrl-click to select multiple items in the list, then use the context menu to act on those items, including delete multiple tabs.

How do you delete a line on Onshape?

Edit the sketch, select the line, hit delete key.

How do you move files to a folder on Inshape?

If you right-click an existing Document from the Document’s page, you will see the “Move to” option. This will allow you to move an existing Document (or folder) into a folder.

What is an Onshape document?

The Onshape Document is a new concept for mechanical CAD users. In a nutshell, it is a project-level container that holds your Part Studios, Assemblies and Drawings. But it also offers many more productivity tools that may not be immediately obvious.

How do you make a private document on Onshape?

Public – Make the document publicly available as read-only to all Onshape users, enabling them to make a private, editable copy. To subsequently make a public document private again, open the Share dialog for the document and click the “x” next to the Public entry in the dialog.

Are Onshape files public?

Every user who is granted this global permission has access to public documents. … Follow the steps under Enterprise URL or to use those documents in your Enterprise.

What are the steps to delete a portion of a drawing?

TIP. To erase a selected part of a drawing, click the Select tool (the top-right button on the toolbar) and drag the mouse across part of your drawing. Press the Delete key to remove the selected part of the drawing.

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How do you delete a photo on Inshape?

Select one of the bounding sketch entities (the construction rectangle) and hit delete.