Can Autodesk Inventor Open STEP files?

You can open a STEP file to create a new Autodesk Inventor part. You can also place a STEP file into an Autodesk Inventor assembly.

How do I import a STEP file into Inventor?

Inventor – STEP Postprocessor

  1. To import a STEP File please choose File -> Open… and select STEP file.
  2. It is recommended to import the STEP files first without any automatic healing (in options selectable).
  3. The import log file “filename. xli” gives further information.

Can you edit STEP files in Inventor?

I have been using Inventor for over 13 years now. … Several years ago, Autodesk added Direct Editing to Inventor, which gave users the ability to edit STEP files, and other imported models.

What files can Autodesk Inventor Open?

You can open DWG files in AutoCAD, Inventor, or DWG TrueView. If you create data using Inventor in a DWG file, you can modify the data only with Inventor.

Is Autodesk Inventor backwards compatible?

Inventor is not able to support backward compatibility. Inventor can save a neutral file format if opening the design as a reference model is not possible.

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How do I open Inventor 2021 files in Inventor 2020?

You can now reference an Inventor 2021 part or assembly file in Inventor 2020. You must have Inventor 2020.3 installed to support opening 2021 part and assembly files. Download Inventor 2020.3 via the Autodesk desktop app or from

What programs can open STEP files?

Programs that open STEP files

  • Autodesk Fusion 360. Dassault Systemes SolidWorks. IMSI TurboCAD Pro. ideaMK STP Viewer. Dassault Systemes CATIA. …
  • Autodesk Fusion 360. IMSI TurboCAD Deluxe. FreeCAD.
  • Linux. Dassault Systemes CATIA. LKSoft IDA-STEP. FreeCAD.
  • Web. eMachineShop Free Online STEP File Viewer. Wikifactory.

What is a step file in Inventor?

A STEP file is used to share CAD files between different CAD programs that are not able to read each other’s native files.

How do I edit a step file in AutoCAD?

Tip 1039

  1. Make sure you’re in the 3D Modeling workspace.
  2. Go Insert tab > Import panel > Import button.
  3. Make sure the Files of Type selector is set to STEP files.
  4. Select the STEP file and hit OPEN. …
  5. When the white and blue button in the lower right says “completed,” click on the button, right-click, and choose “Insert.”

Can Autodesk Inventor Open IGES files?

Open STEP or IGES File in Inventor

Do one of the following: In the File Open dialog, set Files of Type to STEP or IGES. (IGES only) In the Import dialog, set Files of Type to IGES.

Can Inventor open Catia files?

Import CATIA V4 files

Autodesk Inventor translates assembly and part files, solids, multi-solids, surfaces, and more. … exp file, Inventor displays the models it contains in the CATIA V4 Model Selection dialog box. Select the appropriate . model file to import and click OK.

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Can Autodesk Inventor Open SolidWorks files?

With Inventor, users can import SolidWorks, Catia, STEP, ProE, and more into their Inventor models and maintain associativity to the original file. Any changes to the original non-native file will be recognized and reflected in the Inventor environment.

How do I open a newer file in Inventor?

Solution. Install the latest update from to open a part or assembly file that is one year newer than your current version. Note: The update that supports opening newer file versions generally becomes available 1 month after the release the latest version of Inventor.