Can browser organization be modified Revit?

If an existing organization scheme does not support the way you work in the Project Browser, you can modify its filters and grouping/sorting rules for views, sheets, or schedules/quantities. Click View tab Windows panel User Interface drop-down (Browser Organization). … To rename the organization scheme, click Rename.

What is browser organization in Revit?

Use the Browser Organization tool to group and sort views, sheets, and schedules/quantities in the way that best supports your work. … By default, the Project Browser displays all views (by view type), all sheets (by sheet number and sheet name), and all schedules and quantities (by name).

How do I rename a project browser in Revit?

Revit Architecture uses default names for project views. You can change view names at any time to better reflect their content or to simplify project management. In the Project Browser, right-click the view name, and click Rename.

What is the purpose of the project browser in Revit?

The Project Browser shows a logical hierarchy for all views, schedules, sheets, groups, and other parts of the current project. As you expand and collapse each branch, lower-level items display.

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How do you align a project browser and properties in Revit?

To dock the Project Browser on the left, position the cursor in the title bar, and drag the window until the cursor is touching the edge of the Revit interface on the left. The outline of the window gives you a preview. Using the same method, drag the Properties palette.

How do I organize files in Revit?

The easiest way to organize your Revit content is to simply use folders and sub-folders. Specify a location on your server (or file-sharing site), create some folders to organize the content and away you go.

How do I create a new group in Revit?

In the Browser Organization dialog, click the Views tab to create a sort group for project views, or click the Sheets tab to create a sort group for sheets. Click New. Enter a name for the sort group, and click OK.

How do you restore properties in Revit?

My properties window has disappeared, how do I get it back? Right-click and select Properties from the right-click window, or from the Ribbon View (Tab) > Window > User Interface > tick on Properties.

How do I change the view category in Revit?

Right click on Views then click Browser Organization on the context menu. In the Browser Organization dialog, click New. Type “Category” for the new Views name. Click OK.

How do I add elevation in Project Browser Revit?

Create an Elevation View

  1. Open a plan view.
  2. Click View tab Create panel Elevation drop-down (Elevation). …
  3. (Optional) In the Type Selector, select a view type from the list, or click Edit Type to modify an existing view type or create a new view type.
  4. Place the cursor near a wall, and click to place the elevation symbol.
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How do you rename a group sheet in Revit?

Renaming the group, renames all instances of the group in the project. In the Project Browser, right-click the group name and click Rename, or select the group and press F2. Enter a new name for the group, and press Enter .