How do I add Sky to InfraWorks?

What can I do with Infraworks?

Infraworks allows you to export roads and drainage systems to AutoCAD Civil 3D and structures to Revit. After detailed modeling, these models can be returned to Infraworks so that we have the detailed models integrated into the city.

How do you add terrain to Infraworks?

To import terrain

  1. Follow the general import instructions. …
  2. Click Data Source Configuration > Source tab and set Draping Options to Don’t Drape. …
  3. If you are importing a raster file, you can clip the imported terrain to the current model extents:

How do I import Civil 3D into InfraWorks?

To add Autodesk Civil 3D data to an InfraWorks Model

  1. Click Manage Content. …
  2. Click. …
  3. Do either: …
  4. The Choose Data Sources panels appears and lists which data can be brought in as InfraWorks model objects. …
  5. Choose the data source types to bring into the model at this time and click OK.

How do I download InfraWorks?

Autodesk InfraWorks is available to install through the Autodesk Desktop App and Autodesk Accounts. Note: InfraWorks does not support multiple versions installed side by side. By default, previous versions of InfraWorks will be automatically uninstalled when you begin installing the most recent release of InfraWorks.

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How do I change terrain in InfraWorks?

Right-click on the coverage area to open the context menu, and select Shape Terrain. Drag the vertical arrow up or down to modify the coverage to the desired elevation. Alternatively, you can enter the desired elevation in the elevation dialog box and press Enter to update your coverage.

How do I import terrain in AutoCAD?

Go to Insert Tab on the Ribbon and select Link CAD (or Ipmort CAD doesn’t seem to matter here) and browse to find the Topography file you saved from AutoCAD. Now and finally go to Massing and Site Tab on the Ribbon and select Topo Surface. Click on “Create from Import” and click on the imported topography from AutoCAD.

How accurate is InfraWorks?

When creating an Infraworks model using the Model Builder tool, the result is inaccurate in terms of terrain elevation and/or missing buildings/roads. … The terrain and road elevations for this location are inaccurate/missing in InfraWorks.

What is InfraWorks file extension?

InfraWorks supports FBX, IMX, 3DS, OBJ, DAE, and DXF files.

What is Autocad InfraWorks?

InfraWorks® conceptual design software lets architecture, engineering, and construction professionals model, analyze, and visualize infrastructure design concepts within the context of the built and natural environment—improving decision making and accelerating project approvals.