How do I change a description in Solidworks?

How do you change titles in Solidworks?

To edit the title block, the sheet properties, or add or delete a sheet, right click anywhere on the sheet in the design space and select the desired option. To edit the title block, once Edit Sheet Format has been selected, the title block can be edited.

Can you change feature properties in Solidworks?

To edit feature properties: In the FeatureManager design tree or in the graphics area, select one or more features, then click Edit > Properties or right-click the features and select Feature Properties.

How do you edit a title block?

Click Figure > Formats, and then select a format with a title block. 2. Click Figure > Edit Title Block, right-click and select Edit Title Block, or double-click in the title block. The Edit Title Block dialog box opens.

How do you change a title block in Solidworks?

Replacing the title block for a SOLIDWORKS Electrical Drawing

  1. Open the project and locate the drawing for which you would like to replace the title block. …
  2. Right-click on any one of the selected drawings > Title block > Replace.
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How do I edit a bill of materials in SolidWorks?

Bill of Materials – Edit Text

  1. Double-click the BOM, or right-click the BOM and select Edit. While the bill of materials is active, it is displayed with row and column headers. …
  2. Edit the worksheet as needed, using Excel functions. You can perform these kinds of edits: …
  3. Click outside the worksheet to return to the drawing.

When was SolidWorks first released?


SolidWorks 2012 displaying a 3D assembly in multiple views.
Initial release November 1, 1995
Stable release SolidWorks 2021 SP2.0 / January 11, 2021
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in English

How do I change the title block in Solidworks 2021?

Defining or Editing Title Blocks

  1. On the Sheet Format toolbar, click Edit Sheet Format , then click Title Block Fields .
  2. On the Sheet Format CommandManager, click Edit Sheet Format , then click Title Block Fields .
  3. In the FeatureManager design tree of a drawing, right-click Sheet Format and click Edit Sheet Format .

How do you add a title block in Solidworks?

To enter title block data in a drawing:

  1. Right-click the Sheet Format > Title Block Table in the FeatureManager design tree, and select Enter Title Block Data. Data fields that you can edit are highlighted. …
  2. Enter text for each data field. …
  3. Click .

How do you make a title block attribute?

To Add or Modify Title Block Attributes

  1. Under Attribute Category, select an attribute category from the drop-down list. …
  2. Under Attribute Names, click the attribute you want to add to the title block.
  3. Under format, change the Style, Justify, and Text Height boxes as desired.
  4. Click Place.
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How do I remove a title block in Solidworks?

Deleting Drawing Frames and Title Blocks

  1. To delete a Frame: In the graphics area, specify the Frame. Press the Delete key. Only the Frame is deleted.
  2. To delete a Title Block: In the graphics area, specify the Title Block. Press the Delete key. Only the Title Block is deleted.

How do I change a part name in Solidworks?

Files that are temporarily renamed in the SOLIDWORKS software are renamed permanently in the Windows file system.

Changing Component File Names from the FeatureManager Design Tree

  1. Click-pause-click the component.
  2. Right-click the component and click Rename Assembly or Rename Part.
  3. Select the component and press F2.