How do I copy an AutoCAD drawing to inventor?

You can choose to import AutoCAD blocks as Autodesk Inventor sketch blocks. You can open a . dwg file and then copy selected AutoCAD data to the clipboard and paste into a part, assembly, or drawing sketch. The data is imported at the cursor position.

How do I import an AutoCAD drawing into Inventor?

Within Inventor, click on “File” tab in the top left corner of the program. Expand the “Open” option, and select “Import DWG.” Select the file that will be opened. When the DWG/ DXF File Wizard is prompted, select “AutoCAD or AutoCAD Mechanical File” and click on “Next.”

How do I export an AutoCAD drawing to Inventor?

With your Inventor drawing file open, select the file tab, export and select export to DWG. 2. When the save as dialog box opens, change the save as type to AutoCAD DWG files.

How do you copy and paste in Autodesk Inventor?

Click the window with the feature to copy. Copy the feature you want to paste. Click the window in which to paste the feature. Right-click the graphics window, and then select Paste.

Is AutoCAD compatible with Inventor?

Design faster and get more from your models by combining the capabilities of AutoCAD and Inventor. And with Inventor, save time on manual tasks and apply 3D models for downstream use cases. …

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How do I import DXF into Inventor sketch?


  1. Open DXF file in Inventor.
  2. The file will be opened in drawing mode.
  3. In the model tree find and edit sketch related to the DXF geometry.
  4. Select geometry and Copy (Ctr+C).
  5. Open New part in Inventor.
  6. Create a new sketch.
  7. Paste geometry.

What are the commands for 2d sketching in Inventor?

Below, you’ll find an abbreviated list of commands that can be used in Inventor.

  • Assembly. ALT-DRAG MOUSE. MATE CONSTRAINT / Applies a mate constraint. …
  • Drawing Manager. CTRL-SHIFT-N. NEW SHEET / Inserts a new drawing sheet. …
  • General. CTRL-A. …
  • Part. CTRL-SHIFT-K. …
  • Placed Features. CTRL-SHIFT-O. …
  • Sketch. = …
  • Tools. ALT-F8. …
  • View. ALT-.

How do I create layers in Inventor?

Creating Different Layers in an Inventor Drawing and Exporting to AutoCAD

  1. Make sure the style library for the project is set to Read/Write.
  2. When a model/dwg is open. …
  3. Expand Layers.
  4. Click New… …
  5. Here you can edit the color, linetype and lineweight. …
  6. Once layer(s) have been created Save and Close the styles manager.

How do you duplicate an assembly in Inventor?

You can also search for missing files like file level drawings.

  1. Right click a cell in the Action column and select “Copy”.
  2. Right click a cell in the Subfolder column and Select “Change Path”.
  3. Make a new folder to save all the files into.
  4. Select Save.
  5. Select Save at the top of the window to start the copy process.