How do I delete a link in Catia?

How do I edit a link in Catia?

Editing Document Links

  1. Select Edit > Links . …
  2. Click OK and exit your session.
  3. Move the document CHC. …
  4. Restart your session, then reopen the document Links. …
  5. At this point, you have two options: …
  6. Click the document shown in red in the Desk window.
  7. Right-click then select Find .

How do you fix broken links in Catia V5?

You can repair a broken link by removing the link to the missing document. For example, if a section has a broken link because a linked topic was deleted, you can open the section in the Outline Editor and remove the missing topic from the section.

How do you delete a part on Catia?

Deleting Objects

  1. To delete a Part Version , Document Revision , Capture or VPMClash , right-click it and select the Delete Object command in the contextual menu of the search result window. …
  2. To delete a Part Version which has impacts, activate Authorize object deletion with impacted objects . …
  3. Select Yes .

How do I link a drawing to part in Catia?

Select Edit > Links . The Links dialog box appears with the existing links between the CATDrawing and its related CATPart. In our example, this corresponds to links applied to the front, top and right views which are found and loaded (currently displayed in our session). Click OK to validate and exit the dialog box.

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What are links in Catia?

CATIA link is a dependency relation used to share geometric, parametric or positioning information between components in CATIA V5. Links in CATIA are unidirectional and always point from the child to the parent. There are five types of links each of which are explained below with a common example.

How do I edit a drawing in Catia?

Click OK to validate and exit the dialog box. The sheet is modified accordingly.

How do you break links in Catia V5?

Scenario: 1 – Open CATIA V5 2 – Open the Drawing. 3 – Use Edit -> Links -> Pointed Documents to find that there is an OLE Link from Word Document in this Drawing. 4 – In the OLE Links Dialog click on the Brake Link button to brake the Link. 5 – Click yes in the pop up message 6 – Close the dialog. .