How do I enable Save option in Catia V5?

There are three options available for saving documents in CATIA V5. To access, go to Tools menu > Options > General > on the General tab under Data Save area. 1. The No automatic backup option means that documents are not saved automatically.

How do I enable save in CATIA?

Dassault Systèmes CATIA V5 (Illustrated using CATIA V5-6R2012):

  1. Select “File”
  2. Select “Save As”
  3. Under “Save as type”, select the required file type before click save*.

How do you save CATIA products?

Every CATIA assembly should be saved into the SmarTeam database.

Using the Batch Mode

  1. Select SmarTeam > Save As .
  2. In the Save As window, click the Options tab to display the Save Option dialog box.
  3. In the Save tab, check the checkboxes.
  4. Click OK .

How do I turn off auto save in CATIA V5?

To adjust the settings for Automatic Save, click Tools>Options>General in VPM Navigator. In the Data Save section under the General tab, you can turn this feature on and off and adjust the time interval in which the save occurs.

How do I save Catia file in lower version?

Suppose you are using V5R21, you can save it as a V5R20-V5R6.

  1. Click on Tools->Utility.
  2. Double click on “downward compatibility”
  3. Click “member”- select the file to convert.
  4. At the top select the version to which you want to convert the file- set the target folder- click “run”
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In which which format a Catia assembly file is saved?

Dassault Systèmes CATIA V5 has a native part file format of CATPart but the application allows users to save the part in other formats like STEP and IGES allowing exchange of CAD data using a common file type.

How do you save assembly as part of Catia?

How to convert an assembly into one solid model (single body) IN…

  1. Open your assembly.
  2. tools> create part from assembly.
  3. Click on the assembly you want to convert in the part tree.
  4. Click on OK.
  5. Save the new part.

How do I send a CATIA file?

Inside of CATIA, without any files loaded, click File / Send To / Directory. Choose the top level product of the model that you want to copy. Do not select any of the files that are attached to it – these will be selected automatically for you. Click Open.

How do you do pack and go in CATIA?

Creating a dataset

  1. Launch DELMIA and load a PPR from the PPR Hub.
  2. Click PackNGo command in DPM Process and Resource Definition. …
  3. Enter a directory location, or use the Browse button to select a directory location in which to save the generated PackNGo file. …
  4. Specify the CATProcees document name, you want to create.