How do I find a missing Catia tree?

How do I find missing tree in Catia?

RE: tree disappeared

You will have the XYZ axis at the right bottom corner of the display area. You can do a mouse click on it so that the geometry grays out. Now you can scroll back the tree using the mouse. Click the same axis after the tree is visible to get back the grayed out geometry.

How do you show trees in Catia Drafting?


  1. Activate the Seat. CATProduct window.
  2. Select Window > Tile Vertically .
  3. Activate the Seat. CATProduct window. …
  4. With the specification tree visible, select the part instance named “seat” then right-click and select Open Sub-Tree . …
  5. Activate the Select. …
  6. Still with the Select. …
  7. Now, if you activate the Seat.

How do I activate tree in Catia?

When a white branch of the specification tree or the global axis (lower right hand corner) is selected it activates the spec tree and deactivates the model. Activating the spec tree allows the user to pan and zoom the tree vs the model. Select a white spec tree branch again or the global axis to re-activate the model.

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How do you fix the tree in Catia?

To access the Options dialog box, select Tools menu > Options. Select General > Display. Go to the Tree Manipulation tab. Under Zoom on Tree, clear this check box.

How do I increase font size in Catia?

Open CATIA. 2. Go to Tools > Standards > Drafting > ISO > Styles > Length / Distance Dimension > Default > Font > & change these settings (Font size: 14, Bold: Yes, Underline: Yes 7 Colour: Green).

When analyzing a component Catia says it has 6 degrees of freedom What is the meaning of that?

Six degrees of freedom (6DOF) refers to the freedom of movement of a rigid body in three-dimensional space.

How do I hide tree specification in Catia?

“Hide your tree, hit F3.” You can scroll your specification tree up and down with the wheel of your mouse but when you are dealing with an extra long tree, you don’t want to scroll for 2 minutes just to get the tree our of the way. So, the F3 shortcut is a quick tool to temporarily hide your tree no matter the size.

How do you hide trees in Catia?

The F3 key is the shortcut for hide/unhide the tree; – the tree is visible but isn`t on your workspace – this situation appears when you use mouse scroll, up or down.

What is sketch based features Catia?

Features are entities you combine to make up your part. Using the Sub-elements of a Sketch: right-click the Selection field from the Pad or Pocket dialog box and select the Go to Profile Definition contextual command to display the Profile Definition dialog box. …

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How do I close an open profile in Catia?

Close open profile (close loop)

  1. In a 2D part sketch, right-click one section of the geometry you want to close.
  2. Select the start or end of the sketch geometry you want to close. Continue selections until the loop is closed.
  3. Click OK to close the loop.