How do I insert a BOM in Solidworks?

Can solidworks automatically insert a BOM on a drawing?

You can insert a bill of materials into the drawing of an assembly. If you add or delete components in the assembly, the bill of materials automatically updates if you have selected the Automatic update of BOM option in Document Properties – Bill of Materials.

How do you add Bom to assembly?

To create a BOM directly from a part or assembly:

  1. With the part or assembly open, select Insert > Tables > Bill of Materials.
  2. Set the BOM properties in the Bill of Materials PropertyManager and click . To create a parts-only BOM, select Parts only for BOM Type. …
  3. Click the graphics area to place the BOM.

How do I show a BOM in Solidworks assembly?

Displaying the BOM Assembly Structure

  1. Open a BOM.
  2. Click the side expansion arrows at the left side of the BOM to display the assembly structure. The expanded BOM displays the assembly structure and indicates components that have balloons.
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How do you add a column of materials in Solidworks?

To add custom columns to the bill of materials:

  1. Open the BOM template file. …
  2. Insert a new column where you want the information to appear. …
  3. Enter the column heading for the property you want to display in that column, and press Enter. …
  4. Click the cell to select it.

How do you add labels in Solidworks?

Right-click in the drawing view and click Add View Label. Double-click the icon. Type the text. In the PropertyManager, set options.

To automatically add a view label to a drawing view:

  1. Click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Views > Other.
  2. Select Add view label on view creation.
  3. Click OK.

How do you explode in Solidworks?

To create an exploded view:

  1. Click Exploded View. (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Exploded View.
  2. Select one or more components to include in the first explode step. …
  3. Drag a triad arm to explode the components. …
  4. Under Settings, click Done. …
  5. Create more explode steps as needed, then click .

How do I change bill of materials in Solidworks?

Bill of Materials – Edit Text

  1. Double-click the BOM, or right-click the BOM and select Edit. While the bill of materials is active, it is displayed with row and column headers. …
  2. Edit the worksheet as needed, using Excel functions. You can perform these kinds of edits: …
  3. Click outside the worksheet to return to the drawing.

How do you explode an assembly in Solidworks?

To create an exploded view:

  1. Do one of the following options: Click Exploded View . …
  2. Select one or more components to include in the first explode step. …
  3. Drag a translation or rotation handle to move selected components.
  4. Modify explode options: …
  5. Click Done. …
  6. Create more explode steps as required, and click .
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How do you add balloons in Solidworks?

Inserting Balloons

  1. Click Balloon (Annotation toolbar), or click Insert > Annotations > Balloon. …
  2. Edit the properties in the PropertyManager as needed, then click a component in a drawing view of an assembly, or click a component in an assembly model, to place the leader, then click again to place the balloon.

How do I create a subassemblies in Solidworks?

Do one of the following:

  1. Right-click one of the selected components, and select Form New Subassembly.
  2. Click Insert > Component > Assembly from [Selected] Components. To form a subassembly from components contained in a folder in the FeatureManager design tree, right-click the folder and click Form New Subassembly.

How do you link bill of materials in Solidworks?

First, right-click on the view you want to link to a BOM. On the pop-up menu, choose Properties. In the Drawing View Properties Dialogue box, check ‘Link balloon text to specified table. ‘ Choose the correct table (BOM) from the drop-down below.

How do I open a bill of materials in Solidworks?

To open the Bill of Materials PropertyManager for displayed BOMs:

  1. Click the upper left corner of the BOM.
  2. If the BOM is not open, with an assembly or drawing open, select Insert > Tables > Bill of Materials.

How do you add materials to a Solidworks drawing?

To apply a material:

  1. Display the shortcut menu for materials: Part. In a part document, right-click Material in the FeatureManager design tree. Multibody part. …
  2. Select a material: Select from the favorites list. Click Edit Material, select a material in the material tree, and click Apply, then Close.
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How do you add weights in Bom solidworks?

RE: Adding automated weight in BOM

Go to the custom properties manager (“File–>Properties” and click on the “Custom” tab). Here is where you make custom properties. You can make a property titled “part_mass” and link its value to any of the mass properties by clicking the “Mass Properties” button.

How do I update a BOM in Solidworks?

You can update a named BOM to a selected version of the source file or item.

  1. In the View section of the Bill of Materials tab, expand BOM , and select a named BOM. …
  2. Click Refresh ( or ).
  3. In the Update Source Version dialog box, expand the File Version list and select the version to use. …
  4. Click OK.