How do I remove constraints in Freecad?

What are Freecad constraints?

A constraint limits the position of a certain geometrical element in different ways, for example, it can specify whether the element is horizontal, vertical, tangent, parallel, perpendicular, coincident with a point, concentric to another object, etc.

What is a block constraint in Freecad?

Constrain Block blocks a geometric element in place with a single constraint. It is mainly intended to be used with. B-Splines, which can be difficult to fully constrain otherwise.

What is non binding constraint?

A binding constraint is one where some optimal solution is on the line for the constraint. Thus if this constraint were to be changed slightly (in a certain direction), this optimal solution would no longer be feasible. A non-binding constraint is one where no optimal solution is on the line for the constraint.

How do I turn on Autotrad constraints in Freecad?

In sketch editing mode you have the control panel to the left. It has a subdivision “Edit controls”. Clicking on it toggles the visibility of the controls. There you have the checkbox for the Auto constraints.

How do you offset a sketch in Freecad?

The object must lie on the current Draft working plane.

  1. Press the Draft Offset button.
  2. Select the Modification → Offset option from the menu.
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut: O then S.
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How do you lock a sketch on Freecad?

Select one or more vertices (points) in the sketch. Constrain lock button. To edit the constraints values, double-click on a constraint value in the 3D view, or double-click on the constraint or right-click and select Edit value in the Constraint list in the Tasks tab.

How do I make a sketch solid in Freecad?

FreeCAD: How to create solid from a sketch?

  1. Click [File]-[New] in menu bar and create new document .
  2. Move to Part Design workbench.
  3. Select “New Sketch” …
  4. Select “Circle” …
  5. Click the center of the circle and the center becomes selected state(green color). …
  6. Coordinates of the center point are displayed on 3D View as numbers.

How do I hide dimensions in Freecad?

Re: View/hide measurements.

You can select all constraints in the list to the left and hide them in the rightclick menu.

How do I mirror a sketch in Freecad?


  1. Select sketch to be mirrored (typically by clicking on it in the tree view).
  2. Click on Mirror sketch or choose Sketch → Mirror sketch from the top menu.
  3. The resulting sketch is created as a separate new object.