How do I show axis in Catia?

As an alternative, you can right-click the absolute axis or one of its sub-elements and select Hide/Show. To restore the view, just select the hidden element and click Hide/Show again.

How do I hide axis in Catia?

Edit, search, advanced, type, from element-select an axis. select search (binoculars),select, hide/show.

How do I show origin in Catia?

IF you have tubing Workbench, you will see ‘the AXIS’ of the product. If you don’t : right click the Compass and select the option ‘snap to selected element’ then select you product in the tree, the compass will move to the origin of the product and eventually give you the coordinate // root level product.

How do I hide all axis in Catia V5?

how do i hide all planes,constraints in assembly in CATIA ?

  1. On menu line select EDIT, than on pop-up menu select SEARCH.
  2. Go to the tab ADVANCED. …
  3. When the parameters are set, then you click SEARCH and after that you click SELECT. …
  4. Click HIDE command (pop-up menu “view” or icon on toolbar “view”) and that’s it.
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How do you view planes in Catia?

Select the Tools -> Multi View -> View Plane Definition command from the menu bar. The Plane Definition dialog box appears. 3. Enter the desired options from the dialog box ( Isometric ).

How do you show planes in Catia?

Through three points

  1. Click Plane . The Plane Definition dialog box appears.
  2. Select the Through three points plane type.
  3. Select three points. A plane passing through the three points is displayed. You can move it simply by dragging it to the desired location.
  4. Click OK to create the plane. The plane (identified as Plane.

How do you add an axis in CATIA?

Creating Axis Lines

  1. Click the drawing window, and click the Axis Line icon from the Dress-up toolbar ( Axis and Threads sub-toolbar).
  2. Select two lines. The axis line is created. If needed, you can select two non-parallel lines that are not co-linear.

How do I change orientation in CATIA?

To change the angles in a drawing view with respect to the normal, the horizontal, the vertical, or a specified edge or axis:

  1. Select a general view to reorient. …
  2. Right-click and click Properties. …
  3. Click Angles under View Orientation. …
  4. Select the type of reference that you want to specify from the Rotation reference list.

How many coordinate systems are there in CATIA?

This axis must be created in the Part document. Local orientation : lets you choose between three local coordinate systems ( Cartesian , Cylindrical , Spherical ) in which the components are interpreted as relative.

How do I move to origin in Catia?

RE: Changing Point of Origin within CatiaV5

I take the compass and I place it at a convenient face I want to be my new part origin. Right click on the compass red dot and choose EDIT. Be sure your main body is active. Put all positions and angles at 0.

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How do you select all planes in Catia?

Do a search (Ctrl F I think) and in the search window under element type select “plane” and hit the search button (binoculars). It will list all the planes, pick the select button to select all the planes then place your cursor over a plane, right click and pick hide.

How do I hide annotations in Catia v5?

Click Capture in the Capture toolbar. The Capture Definition dialog box is displayed. Right-click the PartBody and its text annotation body1 in the specification tree and select Hide/Show contextual menu to hide them. Click OK.