How do I upload to Autodesk 360?

Click the Upload files drop-down menu and select Upload file. Navigate to the file on your computer that you want to upload and select it for upload. Tip: You can also drag and drop a file from your computer into the BIM 360 folder. Note: To select multiple files, press Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click.

How do I upload files to Autodesk?

In Drive, navigate to the folder where you want to add your content. Click the Upload button. Choose Upload Files or Upload Folder from the list of options. Use the file browser to locate and select the items you want to upload.

How do I upload to Fusion 360?

Upload a solid model

Click Open Data Panel to display the data panel. Fusion uses projects to organize designs and related data. Select the desired project from the drop down then click “Upload” to select a file to upload. Click Select Files then browse to the location where you downloaded the files (see below & here).

Which custom file types can be uploaded to a BIM 360 project?

Note that you can upload any type of document to the BIM 360 Project Files folder or to a folder nested under the Project Files folder. However, you can only upload the following types of documents to the Plans folder or to a folder nested under the Plans folder: DWF, DWFX, DWG, IFC, PDF, RVT.

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What is publish in BIM 360?

When you publish a model to BIM 360 Team, you can include any of the views and sheets in the model. On the Collaborate ribbon, in the Manage Models panel, there is a Manage Cloud Models tool. This tool opens the Manage Cloud Models dialog. This is where you can publish the latest changes in a model to BIM 360 Team.

What file formats can Fusion 360 import?

File formats supported in Fusion 360

  • Solution: By file extension: *. 3dm. *. asm. *. cam360. *. CATPart. *. CATProduct. *. dwg. *. dxf. *. f3d. *. fbx. *. g. *. iam. *. ige. *. iges. *. igs. *. ipt. *. neu. *. obj. *. prt. *. sab. *. sat. *. skp. *. sldasm. *. sldprt. *. smb. *. smt. *. ste. *. step. *. …
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What file formats can Fusion 360 export?

The following file types can be exported from Fusion 360:

  • Autodesk Fusion 360 Archive Files (*. f3d).
  • Autodesk Inventor 2018 Files (*. ipt).
  • DWG Files (*. dwg).
  • DXF Files (*. dxf).
  • FBX Files (*. fbx).
  • IGES Files (*. igs *. iges).
  • OBJ Files (*. obj).
  • SAT Files (*. sat).

How do I import Autocad to Fusion 360?

Opening a DWG using Fusion 360 is effortless:

  1. With Fusion 360 open, select the Upload option from the Data Panel.
  2. Choose the file and upload it.
  3. Once uploaded, it’ll be shown in your Fusion 360 Data Panel.
  4. You can open the DWG design by double-clicking the file.
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