How do you create a cross section in CAD?

What is cross section in CAD?

A model documentation cross section view is generated by slicing the entire length of the object being sectioned. Note: Model documentation is available only on 64-bit systems. Click a layout tab to switch to paper space. Note: The Layout ribbon tab displays automatically when a layout is active.

How do you create a cross section sheet in Civil 3D?

To Create Section Sheets

  1. Use the Create Multiple Views command to generate production-ready section views. …
  2. Click Output tab Plan Production panel Create Section Sheets Find.
  3. In the Create Section Sheets dialog box, select the section view group for which to create layouts. …
  4. Specify the layout name template.

What is an example of a cross section?

The definition of a cross section is a section of something that has been cut down the middle to show what is inside. An example of a cross section is what you see on the inside when you cut a layered sandwich in half.

What is a cross section diagram?

a photograph, diagram, or other pictorial representation of such a section. the act of cutting anything across. a typical selection; a sample showing all characteristic parts, relationships, etc.: a cross section of American opinion.

What is cross section plan?

A cross section, also simply called a section, represents a vertical plane cut through the object, in the same way as a floor plan is a horizontal section viewed from the top.

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