How do you create an alignment table in Civil 3d?

How do you create a alignment from an object in Civil 3D?


o From the Home Ribbon → Create Design Tab → Alignment → Click Alignment Creation Tools o The Create Alignment Layout dialog box pops up o Give your alignment a name (such as WW1) o Select the type of alignment you wish to create.

Where is the Alignment tab in Civil 3D?

In Autodesk Civil 3D, you create alignments as objects. Use the Prospector and Settings tabs to manage alignments in Toolspace. Alignments are listed in a Site collection in the Prospector tab where you have options to change properties, generate reports, and export the data as an XML file.

How do you create a profile view from an alignment in Civil 3d?

Click Home tab >> Create Design panel >> Profile drop-down >> Create Surface Profile Find. In the Create Profile From Surface dialog box, click Add. Note: For this exercise, the First Street alignment and the EG surface are the only available selections, and are selected by default.

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How do I create a new surface in Civil 3D?

Go to the Prospector tab in Toolspace and right click on Surfaces, select Create Surface. Alternatively, you can type CREATESURFACE at the command line.

How do you create an alignment in a polyline Civil 3D?

To create an alignment from that polyline, on the ribbon, Home tab, Create Design panel, select Alignment > Create Alignment from Objects. The command line prompts you to select a line, arc or a polyline, or even objects that are lines, arcs, or polylines contained within an xref.

How do you add a profile to a surface in Civil 3D?

​​​From Home ribbon click the Create Design panel, click Profile and choose Create Surface Profile. Expand and select the alignment that was used to create the initial profile view. Once alignment is selected, find and highlight the desired surface in the right Select Surfaces area. Click Add to sample this surface.

How do I edit my surface profile in Civil 3D?

Right-click the Profile or Profile View collection and click Edit Feature Settings. In the Profile or Profile View collection, open the Commands folder, right-click the command for which you want to change settings. Click Edit Command Settings.

Which object Cannot be made into an alignment using the Create Alignment From Objects command?

Alignments to not have any elevation and therefore 3D Polylines cannot be used to create alignments.