How do you create roads in Sketchup?

How do you create a solid terrain in Sketchup?

If you prefer to to start modeling terrain from a flat, rectangular TIN, you draw the shape with the Sandbox From Scratch tool:

  1. Select the Sandbox From Scratch tool ( ) on the Sandbox toolbar, or select Draw > Sandbox > From Scratch from the menu bar.
  2. Click to set the TIN’s starting point.

How do you drape roads in Sketchup?

When you’re ready to drape the edges, follow these steps:

  1. Select the edges you want to drape over the TIN.
  2. Select the Drape tool ( ) from the Sandbox toolbar or select Tools > Sandbox > Drape.
  3. Click the TIN to drape the selected edges onto the TIN, as shown on the right in the following figure (Callout 2).

How do you make a contour model in SketchUp?

Select all the contour lines you want to use to create a surface. Choose Draw→Sandbox→From Contours from the menu bar (or click the From Contours tool button, if the Sandbox toolbar is visible).

Try to keep your geometry reasonable.

  1. Work on a smaller area. …
  2. Use only every other contour line. …
  3. Dumb down the contour lines.

How do you create a city layout?

The key here is to have the town layout make sense.

  1. Draw the terrain and the major locations. Draw the terrain and major locations. Towns adapt to their surroundings. …
  2. Place the major roads. Add the main roads. …
  3. Add the minor roads. Draw in the minor roads. …
  4. Draw in the houses. Sketch in the individual houses.
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How do you make a 3D city?

How to create a realistic 3D city

  1. Populating your city. Add life to your city with simulated crowds. …
  2. Using compositing apps. Nuke and After Effects can be used to help create convincing cities. …
  3. Vital software. …
  4. Building interiors.