How do you make a part permanently transparent Onshape?

How do you make something look like glass on shape?

Best Answers

  1. Created a sketch of a circle and another concentric circle using the “offset command”
  2. Extruded the “bottom” of the glass by clicking “extrude” and then clicking the inside of the inner circle and the space between the inner and outer circle.

How do you make a new part on Inshape?

Creating a part when the Sketch dialog is open

  1. With an existing sketch in the graphics area and the sketch dialog active, click Extrude . Onshape automatically selects all regions (enclosed areas that are shaded gray). …
  2. Make adjustments in the defaults, if desired, including: …
  3. Click the check mark to accept the feature.

How do you create a part in assembly Onshape?

Create Part Studio in Context

  1. Click .
  2. Select a Mate connector (inferred or existing) or the Assembly origin as the origin of the new Part Studio sketch planes.
  3. Click .
  4. A new Part Studio is created and opened. …
  5. Begin modeling in the context of the assembly by creating a sketch or selecting another modeling tool.
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