How do you mirror and reverse in SolidWorks?

In a part, click Mirror (Features toolbar) or Insert > Pattern/Mirror > Mirror. See Mirroring Features. Create an opposite-hand version of a part. In a part, select a face or plane to mirror about, and then click Insert > Mirror Part.

How do you mirror an object in Solidworks?

To create a mirrored, derived part:

  1. In an open part document, click a model face or plane about which to mirror the part.
  2. Click Insert > Mirror Part. …
  3. Under Transfer, select any combination of items from the source part to be included in the opposite-hand version.

How do you invert a part in Solidworks?

To invert selection:

  1. Select items to be excluded.
  2. Click Invert Selection. (Selection filter toolbar) or Tools > Invert Selection.

How do you mirror a line in Solidworks?

To mirror sketch entities as you sketch them:

  1. Select a line or a model edge in an open sketch.
  2. Click Dynamic Mirror Entities. (Sketch toolbar) or Tools > Sketch Tools > Dynamic Mirror . …
  3. Create the sketch entities that you want to mirror. …
  4. To turn mirroring off, click Dynamic Mirror Entities.

Where is mirror in Solidworks?

The mirror entities feature can be found under the ‘sketch’ tab in the command manager or in tools > sketch tools > mirror.

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Can you mirror sheet metal solidworks?

You can mirror features and bodies in a sheet metal part. You can also mirror an entire sheet metal part to create an opposite-hand version of the original part. … Use the Insert > Mirror Part command to create a part that is an opposite-hand version of the original part.

How do I edit a mirror in Solidworks?

To edit a mirror component feature: In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click MirrorComponent and click Edit Feature . Make changes in the PropertyManager. Click .

You can:

  1. Add or delete components.
  2. Change the orientation of copied components.
  3. Change copied components to opposite-hand versions.

What is invert command?

The Invert command inverts the selection in the current layer. That means that all of the layer contents which were previously outside of the selection are now inside it, and vice versa. If there was no selection before, the command selects the entire layer.

Where is sketch mirror?

Click the Mirror icon in the Sketch toolbar, and you will see a list of Connected Devices. Select any device, and then all the Pages and Artboards will now appear in the Sketch Mirror app.

Can I flip a sketch in Solidworks?

Use the left-mouse to move, the right-mouse to rotate with the cursor in the graphics area. Place the cursor over each of the end points or the center of the black origin to flip the sketch.

What is mirror command in Solidworks?

In this post, you will learn how to use the Mirror command in Solidworks. Mirroring is another way that SolidWorks can create a “copy” of an existing object. Additionally, you must choose a plane to mirror parts. In most cases, you will have to create your own plane to have the mirror done the way you need.

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What is mirror entities in Solidworks?

Select Mirror Entities to mirror pre-existing 2D sketch entities on a plane, and then select the entity about which to mirror. If you want to first select the entity about which to mirror, and then sketch the entities to mirror, select Dynamic Mirror Entities .

How do I create a mirror configuration in Solidworks?

How to Mirror Parts in SOLIDWORKS Two Different Ways

  1. With the SOLIDWORKS part you want to mirror open, create a configuration and give it a name. …
  2. Within that configuration, select the Mirror option from the CommandManager.
  3. Select a face that will serve as the plane of symmetry for the mirror.